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Thank you to Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader and Clo @ Cuppa Clo for adding to my tag hoard! Honestly, I save them exactly for moments like this, when my life is in shambles but I refuse to abandon my blog. Because #priorities.

Name/Blog Name

Hi, my name is Isabelle and I blog here at Nine Tale Vixen.

(More about me and the blog here, if you’re curious.)



I turned 21 recently, but sometimes I still think I’m like 18. Maybe 19. What even is time?


Favorite Genre

Although I seem to pick up more contemporary and fantasy (usually YA, some NA) than any other genre, it’s not really a hard-and-fast preference. I also enjoy a good sci-fi or nonfiction read; manga and graphic novels are great pick-me-ups; sometimes I feel especially adventurous and I’ll choose a book completely at random.

That said, I do generally seem to rate the contemporary and fantasy books higher. Make of that what you will.


Favorite Male Author

Rick Riordan, all around. I really enjoy his writing style, his vivid characters and exciting plots, and I love the way he uses his platform to boost diverse books and voices. (See: Rick Riordan Presents.)

Though Hank Green is pretty awesome too. I adored An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and I’m super excited for A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, plus I’m a huge fan of all the work he does, including but certainly not limited to YouTube (vlogbrothers, Complexly),, Project for Awesome, et cetera, et cetera. 


Favorite Female Author

If you’ve read any of my previous tags, you’ve probably seen that I am always ready to shout my love for Maggie Stiefvater from the rooftops. I adore every book that she’s written β€” or at least the ones I’ve read, but that Venn diagram is basically a circle β€” and her social media presence is on point. I aspire to be half as cool as her when I grow up.


Forever Favorite(s)

(And much more, of course, but this is my current Top 5.)


What was your first book of 2019? How did you like it?

I’m a little bit superstitious about starting the year off strong by rereading a favorite, so my first book of 2019 was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It was just as magical as I remember, a perfect choice for this purpose.

My first new book of 2019 was The Wicker King by K. Ancrum, a group read with Dragons & Tea Book Club. I know a lot of people love this book, but I honestly found it infuriating. I gave it 1 star.


What was your last book of 2019? How did you like it?

My last book of 2019 was an eARC of Warriors, Witches, Women: Mythology’s Fiercest Females by Kate Hodges. The art and storytelling are solid, but the perspective is very Western β€” despite the inclusion of figures from various cultures β€” and I had a few critiques about the overall execution. I gave it 3.5 stars.


What do you look for in a book? / What makes it really stand out for you?

I’m a pretty picky reader, as is reflected in my rating system/rubric. But in a nutshell: I want nuanced characters and relationships (not just romance, but friendships and family bonds), engaging plots (tropes are fine if the execution is good), thoughtful wordbuilding (even in a realistic setting), and writing that’s either lyrical without being too lush or just straightforward.

If I had to boil it down to just one element, I guess you could say atmosphere β€” the way the story feels overall. I read in large part for escapism, so I’m really looking for that immersive experience.


Do you collect any particular sets/editions of books?

Not really, no. I like matching series covers, but the only ones I own were gifted to me; hardcovers are pretty but I prefer paperbacks and ebooks for actual reading. Mostly I collect the books that I think I’ll want to reread at some point, or the presents that I haven’t gotten around to yet.


Favorite Place to Read

Honestly, I don’t really have one. Any place/position gets uncomfortable after a while, so as long as there’s enough space for me to shift around periodically, we’re probably good.


Do you keep books you didn’t like, or just get rid of them?

Generally the latter, though the specifics depend on the type of book.

I usually donate print books β€” or, if they’re ARCs, pass them on to other readers, by way of Flapping Pages … which reminds me I have another stack that I should mail at some point. For ebooks, of course, I just delete them.

Though it must be said that I’m a chronic procrastinator, so I’m still (metaphorically) sitting on some books that I didn’t like. But I don’t intend to keep them, for what that’s worth.


Which literary character best defines you/do you best relate to?

With my anxiety at an all-time high lately, my instinctive answer is Cath Avery (Fangirl). I’m not great with people but I do care deeply about them; at the same time, I don’t want to live my life by others’ standards. And I’ve started to get back into writing as another form of escapism β€” nothing good enough to share yet, but it’s a start. 

On good days I believe that I’m Blue Sargent: “a fanciful but sensible thing, like a platypus, or one of those sandwiches that had been cut into circles for a fancy tea party” (The Dream Thieves). Or at least I try to be.

I tag: Soph β€’ Keira β€’ Ren Strange β€’ Meeghan β€’ Kristina
and, as always, anyone else who wants to participate!


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