Pondathon Wrap-Up

Now that the Battle for the Pond has ended, I wanted to take a moment and review my contributions (i.e., bookish and community-based accomplishments). It’s been such a fun adventure, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a unique, memorable readathon!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Pondathon, the story begins with this post from CW @ The Quiet Pond. All Pondathon art was created by CW.

You can also check out my sign-up post (and meet Wei, Collector of Drafts) in my post here.

completed Pondathon character card, with all eight side quest badge slots filled in. at the top is Wei, an orange fox with glasses, a book, and a bow and quiver.

Wei [pictured above] and I fought with Team Gen, gaining points for finishing books published before 2018, plus bonuses if they had fewer than 3k Goodreads ratings. In total, I logged 28 backlist books.


I didn’t track my personal progress โ€” just submitted updates each day and let the hardworking CW take care of the rest ๐Ÿ˜… โ€” so I don’t have final page counts for side quests.ย 

Side Quest 1: Protect Xiaolong!

  • Read 10 pages [repeatable].
  • Read 60 pages.
    • Mark of the Brave badge earned!

Side Quest 2: Cuddle’s Conundrum

  • Read 10 pages [repeatable].
  • Post or tweet about your current read for the Pondathon.
  • BONUS: Do something kind for someone who is not yourself AND do something kind for yourself.
    • I’m part of an on-campus club that knits and crochets scarves to donate to our local soup kitchen; we happened to get a lot of newcomers this week, so I stayed longer than I usually do to help teach them to knit, “troubleshoot” as they got the hang of it, and provide moral support!
    • I also treated myself to sushi for dinner ๐Ÿ˜‹
    • Recipe for Compassion badge earned!

Side Quest 3: Help Gen Make Healing Potions

  • Read 30 pages [repeatable].
  • BONUS: Buddy read with friends!
    • Group of 5 โ†’ read 250 pages.
    • Teamed up with Clo, Ruby, Haley, and Cami.
    • Potion of Trust badge earned!

Side Quest 4: Sing, Amina and Bao! Sing!

Side Quest 5: Varian’s Guilt

Side Quest 6: Aunty Buaya Is Here!

  • Read 10 pages [repeatable].
  • Talk or post a photo about the longest book you have ever read.
  • BONUS: In a group of up to 10 people, read a total of 500 pages.
    • Teamed up with Clo, Ruby, Haley, and Cami.
    • Favour of the Knights of Strongjaw badge earned!

Side Quest 7: It’s Time to Party

Side Quest 8: The Final Spell

  • Collectively read and submit at least 50,000 pages to defeat the darkness.
    • Wings of Hope badge earned!

Parting Thoughts

Honestly, literally everything about the Pondathon was incredible: the engaging storytelling, the adorably fierce characters everyone created (in addition to the usual Pond friends, of course), the prompts that nudged me to use my bookish social media in different ways. It was super satisfying to collect all the badges, and I loved the way it brought our bookish community closer. I met new friends and read new-to-me books, which is really all I wanted at the end of the day.

Sure there were a few kinks and glitches in the system, but I’m still so impressed with how much care and creativity went into this readathon. It almost makes me want to create my own readathon … though maybe I’ll wait for CW’s post about everything she learned about the process ๐Ÿ˜‰

CW has also talked about hosting Pondathon II some time next year, and I know that I for one am super excited to participate in the next installment!

  • If you participated in the Pondathon, how did you do? What was your favorite part?
  • If you didn’t participate in the Pondathon, would you have wanted to?
  • What are your favorite types of readathons?

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