2022 Reading Challenges

My excitement for reading challenges has dropped sharply over the past year, so I’m really paring it down this year and focusing more on writing thoughtful (and timely) reviews. But I couldn’t totally abstain from joining (and, in one case, continuing) a few reading challenges, hence this post.

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My 2021 In Books

Truth be told I haven’t yet finished updating Goodreads, so my Year in Books and 2021 on Goodreads aren’t wholly accurate or complete. But even if I had, I’d still be compiling this post to share the metrics and reads that I personally find most compelling. So there.

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End of Year TBR

🎢 And when I see the stars on trees a-sparkling
That’s how I know it’s December, darling

[ Meg & Dia – “December, Darling” ]

Now that we’re officially in the twelfth of the twelve months of 2021, I guess it’s time to take stock of my TBR and see what I can cross off the list before the calendar switches over. It’s a very long list, as it always is, of course, so this is the narrowed-down version.

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Cross-Country Reading Challenge

I’d originally wanted to celebrate graduation with a cross-country road trip, which for obvious reasons won’t be possible this year. But when I saw the Goodreads list “Armchair Traveling: Books Set in Every U.S. State [plus D.C.]”, I figured this might be a somewhat acceptable substitute. (I won’t be following their list, but wanted to credit the source/inspiration for my challenge.)

Since I just want to keep it simple, there aren’t really any rules for this challenge. I’ll continue to read books by diverse (Q/POC) authors, which hasn’t really been an issue for me; the location doesn’t need to feature heavily in the story. I’m hoping to finish by the end of the year, but I won’t stress too much about it.

Seven Twelve months. Fifty-one places & books. Let’s do this. πŸš—

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