2023 Reading Challenges

I’m trying something a little bit different, if not entirely new, this year! But then again, I probably say something along those lines every year β€” so we’ll see how it goes.

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My 2022 In Books

Alright, another year in the books! (Badum-tss.)

Sure, I could just link or rewrite my Year in Books (Goodreads) and 2022 Reading Wrap-Up (StoryGraph) and be done with it. But what’s the fun in that? (Especially when I made a spreadsheet and I have graphs in said spreadsheet!)

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January 2022 Reading Report

*peeks out from under a rock* Oh heck, is it February already? The passage of time is really something, huh.

Since around mid-January I’ve found myself really not wanting to pick up anything off my TBR, for some genuinely inexplicable reason, so my read count is a bit lower than usual (though still respectable, if I do say so myself) and comprised largely of rereads β€” but hey, reading is reading.

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2022 Reading Challenges

My excitement for reading challenges has dropped sharply over the past year, so I’m really paring it down this year and focusing more on writing thoughtful (and timely) reviews. But I couldn’t totally abstain from joining (and, in one case, continuing) a few reading challenges, hence this post.

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End of Year TBR

🎢 And when I see the stars on trees a-sparkling
That’s how I know it’s December, darling

[ Meg & Dia – “December, Darling” ]

Now that we’re officially in the twelfth of the twelve months of 2021, I guess it’s time to take stock of my TBR and see what I can cross off the list before the calendar switches over. It’s a very long list, as it always is, of course, so this is the narrowed-down version.

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