I Made A Playlist & Character Aesthetics for Genie Lo

Of all the books I read in January, it was surprisingly easy to pick out my favorite reads of the month. That would be the Genie Lo duology.

These books have been on my radar for a while, in no small part because they’ve been so passionately championed by my fellow Asian readers, including Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts and CW @ The Quiet Pond. But it wasn’t until Clo sent me a copy of The Epic Crush of Genie Lo that I finally got it together and read them.

And I can’t believe I waited so long! The Asian(-American) protagonists, the Chinese mythology, the SF Bay Area setting, the snark and the internalized stress … I felt right at home in Genie’s world. 

Really, I loved these books so much that I’m still struggling to put together coherent reviews. But I wanted to pay tribute to their brilliance and spend a little more time with the characters, hence this post.


“The Way is there for anyone to grasp. If an evil person trains harder than you, they will be stronger than you, and that’s that. Spiritual power isn’t just or merciful. It’s fair. That’s what makes it so dangerous.”

Guardians of California
  • Invincible – Chris Wallace
  • People Like Us – Kelly Clarkson
  • Superheroes – The Script
Genie & Quentin
  • Take on the World – You Me at Six
  • Us – Clara Mae
  • Yellow – Katherine Ho
  • 勇氣 – Fish Leong
  • 老鼠愛大米 – Twins

There is no Genie Lo, I wanted to shout. Not the kind that lived prettily in air quotes. There was a sixteen-year-old girl from the Bay who answered to that name, but there wasn’t some sparkling magic nugget underneath that I could dig up, polish, and put on display.

… he used to be a rebel. Sun Wukong, who’d invaded Heaven and trashed the place.

(Yes, I did two for Genie and only one for Quentin/Sun Wukong. Officially this is because Genie is the protagonist of the duology, but unofficially it’s because I couldn’t find enough fitting images that I liked.)

  • What are your favorite folktales and legends?
  • What songs would be included in your personal soundtrack?
  • What kinds of images and colors would you use in a moodboard for yourself?

6 thoughts on “I Made A Playlist & Character Aesthetics for Genie Lo

  1. I Hate Everyone is probably my ultimate theme song, but I’m sure i”d have some other songs on that playlist to define me lol, also you got some boops on your Genie Lo inspired one! As for mood boards as much as I love purple, I feel like greens would probably better describe my mood, earthy greens not jealous greens lol

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