Liebster Award

Again pulling from the vault/ hoard for today’s post, because I can and I want to. I was very flattered to be nominated by Keira @ Headphones and Hyperboles for the Liebster Award for a second time — or technically third: I combined two nominations and the accompanying questions in my first Liebster Award post — and I look forward to sharing my answers to Keira’s questions!

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[Bookending Spring] Autism Acceptance Character Tag (Original)

Hello and welcome back to Bookending Spring on the Nine Tale Vixen blog! If you’re new to Bookending Events, they’re quarterly (seasonal) events aiming to bring the book blogging community closer together; this spring, the optional theme is organization and cleaning. If you’re new to my blog — hi, I’m Isabelle and it’s nice to meet you! If you’re a returner — welcome back, friend!

It’s easy, in hindsight, to talk about all the ways my life would’ve been better if I’d encountered autistic protagonists early on — I wouldn’t have had so many misconceptions, which would have led to less internalized shame when I was finally diagnosed at seventeen, and in fact I might have recognized myself and found helpful resources much sooner.

But in any case, autistic protagonists do exist now. Although it’s still a bit of a search and definitely not yet widely accepted, there’s some great #ownvoices representation and I wanted to shout it out!

Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with prompts inspired by stories by and about autistic people. (You don’t need to have read the books or to identify as autistic/neurodiverse.)

This post is part of Bookending Spring 2020, which is organized by Sam & Clo!
Today’s prompt, originally titled “Neurodiversity Acceptance Tag,” is hosted by yours truly — if you do this prompt, don’t forget to link back to this post!

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