2022 Reading Challenges

My excitement for reading challenges has dropped sharply over the past year, so I’m really paring it down this year and focusing more on writing thoughtful (and timely) reviews. But I couldn’t totally abstain from joining (and, in one case, continuing) a few reading challenges, hence this post.

Graphics associated with each challenge were created by the host(s).

Updated January 2, 2022

Goodreads Reading Challenge

PROGRESS: 1 / 150

Continuing my habit of hedging my bets, aiming for more-than-likely achievable relative to my usual reading stats (typically 250+), because classes and career and life IDK.

Cross-Country Reading Challenge

PROGRESS: 32 / 51

(Started in July 2021; aiming to complete by July 2022. You can check out the full post, linked above, for the challenge details and titles that I’ve read!)

Books and Tea Reading Challenge

PROGRESS: 0 / 24

☐it’s vintageread a book published in the 1980s
☐deep blue searead a book that features mermaids
☐victory gardenread a book featuring or about gardening
☐coffeeshop asmrread a book centered around a cafe or coffee shop
☐the truth is out thereread a book where one of the primary characters is an alien
☐rose-colored glassesread a book that was popular or trendy when you were in elementary school
☐hot ‘n’ freshread a book from your library’s new releases shelf
☐the tournament arcread a book featuring a competition
☐co-opread a short story anthology or a novel with 2+ co-authors
☐bless the rainsread a book that takes place in Africa
☐but is it gourdy?read a book with a gourd on the cover
☐dust to dustread a book where the main character dies at the end
☐i’m gray, da ba dee ba dieread a book where the main character is described as “morally gray”
☐blog starread a book that was recommended by a blogger
☐paperback killed the … radio star?read a book whose title is a song name or lyric
☐over the rainbowread a book where the main character(s) travel to an alternate dimension
☐out of the loopread a book from the past ten years that you missed out on
☐spook businessread a book featuring ghosts, spirits, or other “beyond the grave” phenomena
☐star-crossed what now?read a book where the “destined couple” break it off … for good
☐a little something extraread a book that comes with “extra” content
☐here’s the thingread a book featuring a BDO (Big Dumb Object)
☐hero’s journeyread a book where the main character sets out on a journey
☐chop shopread a book that was abridged or adapted from the original material
☐magical childread a book with the “magical pregnancy” or “magical child” trope
☐wild card![ free space ]
  • What reading goals do you have for 2022?
  • Which challenges and readathons, if any, are you participating in?
  • Do you have any titles picked out (whether for a prompt or monthly TBR or just to read soon), or do you prefer to leave your options open?

3 thoughts on “2022 Reading Challenges

  1. Goodluck, and have fun with thoses!

    Aaaah the books and tea prompts are quite good.. but iknow theres a few I wouldnt be able to do, as I don’t read fantasy (so no alien stuff..)


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