2023 Reading Challenges

I’m trying something a little bit different, if not entirely new, this year! But then again, I probably say something along those lines every year β€” so we’ll see how it goes.

Updated January 3, 2023

GR & SG Reading Challenge

PROGRESS: 1 / 50

Taking last year (and previous years) into account, I am once again setting my goal to what seems like a low-for-me number because it’s easier to raise than to lower the number as the year goes on. I’m also trying to be more mindful about my reading and to be a responsible adult and all that β€” more on that later.

Prompt Reviews






I went back and forth on this for a while, but I have decided to finally give myself the new year’s gift of a blank slate, i.e., wipe out my To Review list and start fresh with my commitment to review every book I read, including DNFs, before moving on to the next. To take a moment to reflect and appreciate each one, rather than trying to race through my endless TBR.

(Yeah, the title might be a bit confusing. It’s meant to invoke the “reading challenge” category that I’m throwing it into, alongside the other definition, i.e., timely.)

Project Backlist


This is the only “real” challenge/readathon I’m planning on this year, organized by the inimitable Kal @ Reader Voracious. It’s kind of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure where each participant decides the details of their own challenge: my goals are

  • Read an owned book per week.
  • Soft book buying & ARC ban.
  • Eliminate (read, DNF, or unhaul) half my Owned TBR, from 200 to 100.

That’s all, folks! Keeping it simple and easy: just reading and reviewing, and seeing where the year takes me.

… At least for now.

  • What reading goals do you have for 2023?
  • Which challenges and readathons, if any, are you participating in?
  • Do you have any titles picked out (whether for a prompt or monthly TBR or just to read soon), or do you prefer to leave your options open?


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