Review Policy

Last updated February 1, 2023

Requests that do not comply with my review policy, as detailed below, will not receive a reply.

Receiving a review copy does not guarantee that I will post a review to this blog, though I will eventually post my review to Goodreads/StoryGraph.

I am not currently accepting requests for reviews or guest posts/features.

Thank you for considering me to review your book! Please keep in mind that I’m a college student with a not-insignificant amount of coursework and real-life commitments, as well as an already large TBR, so unfortunately I can’t accommodate every request.

Accepted formats:
For convenience, I prefer digital formats: epub/mobi is preferred, but if necessary I can work with PDFs. Print is also fine, especially if you’re interested in promotional material beyond a review. No audiobooks, please.

Accepted genres: 
I’ll read most YA and non-erotic NA books, especially if there’s significant LGBTQIA+, PoC (especially APIDA), neurodivergent, and/or mental health representation. I am an ownvoices reader for demibisexuality (bisexuality/demisexuality), Taiwanese/Chinese-American culture, autism, anxiety, and the New Adult demographic.

I generally prefer contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, poetry, and graphic novels. I also enjoy memoirs/biographies and I’m generally open to nonfiction depending on the specific topic. I am less interested in dystopia, romance, and anthologies but am potentially open to these genres. I am not interested in erotica, horror, or thrillers.

I will almost always post a Goodreads review. (If I do not finish the book, I will indicate how much I did read, ie “DNF @ 24%”, and why I stopped.) I tend to be quite honest about what I do and don’t like; you can look at previous reviews to get a sense of my style. 

Generally, I don’t post reviews below three stars to my blog, so acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a review posted to my blog.

I cannot post reviews to Amazon.

I do not tag authors in reviews unless requested, even positive ones. Please do not ask me to take down a review after it has been posted; I will not do so.

I do my best to finish review copies within the month, and I write my review as soon as I’ve finished the book, at which point I will post to Goodreads. If cross-posting to my blog, I generally schedule the post within about two weeks of the release date.

If you would prefer that I hold my review until closer to publication date, I am willing to do so โ€” just let me know.


Contact Info

For reviews:
If you’ve read over the above information and think I would be a good fit, please email me ( with the book’s summary, genres, release date, and any additional relevant information. 

For author posts:
If you’ve read over the above information and think my blog would be a good fit, please email me ( with a brief author bio, upcoming and/or recent release(s), what type of post and topic(s) you’re interested in, and any additional relevant information.