Bookish Discord Servers

Below are the reading/blogging/writing discord servers that I currently am part of! I can vouch for all of them being friendly, helpful, inclusive spaces β€” they’ve been huge in helping me feel welcome in the bookish community, and I adore the friends I’ve made in each.

If you’re interested in any of them, I’ve included invite links that were made publically available, which you can click to join!

Books and Tea Book Club

Books and Tea is a large and varied book club server with active members from all around the globe. Whilst the reading habits of our members are predominately fiction we also cater to other members with channels for classics, non-fiction, and podcasts to be discussed. [please note: we are an 18+ server to help make moderating easier]

Alongside the expected monthly read-alongs we also take part in a yearlong series to read and various smaller events to keep our community entertained. These include events such as Secret Santa twice each year, a Horror Read-a-thon, Graphic Novel Read-a-thon, and our Travelling Book Projects (where senior and trusted members send books around to be read and annotated by their group).

You’re sure to find someone to talk to in Books and Tea no matter what kind of books you enjoy.

OWNER: Lauren @ Northern Plunder

[join link] [2019 About]

Bookish Collision

This server was created and is being created with the aim to help bring BookTubers, Book Bloggers and Bookstagrammers together, so we can better understand what goes into each other’s platforms. Make new friends within the book community as a whole; support one another’s content across the platforms.

OWNERS: Clo @ Cuppa Clo + Sam @ Fictionally Sam

[join link]