2023 Reading Challenges

I’m trying something a little bit different, if not entirely new, this year! But then again, I probably say something along those lines every year β€” so we’ll see how it goes.

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2022 Reading Challenges

My excitement for reading challenges has dropped sharply over the past year, so I’m really paring it down this year and focusing more on writing thoughtful (and timely) reviews. But I couldn’t totally abstain from joining (and, in one case, continuing) a few reading challenges, hence this post.

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2021 Reading Challenges

Another year, another set of reading goals!

As always I’m trying to keep it relatively simple to start but expect to add on a few as the year progresses. But since so much about the upcoming year is still uncertain, I really have no idea how much I’ll actually be able to read.

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2020 Reading Challenges

Recently I sat my overachieving ass down to really think about my priorities and goals, instead of just jumping on every challenge that looked fun. (Because let’s face it, they all look great. And I love collecting accomplishments.)

So this year I’m playing it somewhat safe β€” at least for a start β€” and we’ll see how it goes. With that disclaimer out of the way, though, I’m excited to share the challenges I’ll be participating in this year!

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2019 Reading Challenges

I’m trying to limit the number of challenges I enter, at least for the start of the year; I’ve only committed to three five thus far. But Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction made a masterlist of 2019 reading challenges and they all look amazing, so I may jump on some more later in the year!

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2018 Reading Challenges

2018: the year in which

I attempted to do three different reading challenges (PopSugar Challenge 2018, Goodreads Summer Challenge 2018, Goodreads [book count] challenge) and consequently hit the wrong kind of books when I should have been studying.

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