March Reading Report

I’m starting to think I was too optimistic about how this year would shape up. Not that March was particularly awful … but neither was it particularly great. Honestly though? I’ve decided that is good enough.

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February Reading Report

Not a huge improvement on January, truth be told … but there are still 10 months in the year? And March has spring break, that’s a definite perk even if I can’t really go anywhere or do anything special and I am definitely counting down the days.

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2021 Reading Challenges

Another year, another set of reading goals!

As always I’m trying to keep it relatively simple to start but expect to add on a few as the year progresses. But since so much about the upcoming year is still uncertain, I really have no idea how much I’ll actually be able to read.

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End of Year TBR

I’ve seen lots of people setting up their bullet journals and planners for 2021, and I’m sure many are thinking about New Year’s resolutions. But before I can set goals for next year, I want to finish this one off strong and wrap up some of my not-yet-completed reading challenges.

Or, y’know, as strong as possible after aiming too high and not making as much progress as I wanted. (All things considered, though, I’m not beating myself up over it.)

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