[Series Synopses] Truly Devious #1: Truly Devious

Friends, this one took forever to compile because there is just so much going on with this book. Clues, red herrings, still-unexplained weird happenings … I cut this post down as much as I could, hopefully preserving not just the broad strokes but also key details (as well as some that I just liked and may want to reference for another project). 

With the final book coming out next month, though, I knew I needed to get this done pronto. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful!

“Series Synopses” was created for those times when you’re ready to read the next book but can’t remember what happened previously, or forgot the characters involved, or need a quick reference for a derivative work, or anything else you want to use it for!

Hopefully obviously, herein lie SPOILERS.

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