I Made Mother-Daughter Book Club Cookies

The Mother-Daughter Book Club was recommended to me by a friend in middle school, and I still adore this series. It’s about four girls whose moms force them to read Little Women and participate in monthly meetings, and they eventually bond through the drama of sixth grade and general growing pains β€” very much a feel-good read, but a fun and relatable one.

I always related most to Emma Hawthorne (named after the Jane Austen character by her librarian mother!) because she’s a writer and baker and slightly out of shape, but also to Megan Wong (Chinese-American, wants to pursue a career in fashion β€” though she’s a terrific designer and I can’t draw a straight line). And while I didn’t see as much of myself in them, I also adored Jess Delaney (Emma’s best friend and the narrator of the above quote; loves animals and music, has two annoying but adorable younger brothers), and Cassidy Sloane (lives for sports and pranks and photography). And I think I’m due for a reread, because the books only span until the end of high school, so I’m sure I’d be able to relate more to the mothers now.

This recipe is for the chocolate-chip cookies that Emma and Jess bake together, and was included in the guide that came with my paperback edition of the first book; the only modifications I made were halving the ingredient quantities and slightly reducing the amount of sugar. (Okay, so technically it’s not my book, I bought it for my mom as a present, but she never got around to reading it so I … borrowed it. Years ago.)

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