June in Review

Time has ceased to hold any meaning and I am in denial that so much of 2020 has passed by already. And kinda torn between wanting to take a pause to catch my breath versus wanting to speed through the rest of this hell year, honestly.

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April in Review

I know, I know, these posts always open with the usual Where has the time gone? musings. But seriously, it can’t be just me who has lost all sense of what hour/day/month it is anymore. (Never leaving the house β€” and rarely leaving your room β€” will do that to you, I guess.) 

And to be honest, I never got into a weekly routine to keep up with my classes. But with the semester somehow already ending, it seemed pointless to try to fix it now. 

So instead I’m shifting focus to the coming months, when I’ll actually be left to my own devices send help. As Richard Campbell Gansey III would say, Excelsior.

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February in Review

I’ve been enduring an extended visit from my old pal anxiety, who has insisted on making everything more stressful and difficult and overwhelming than necessary. My days have felt busier than they actually were, since in hindsight I really haven’t achieved much? Blogging in particular took a backseat while I tried to sort out all my academic and personal shit.

Still, it’s not nearly as bad as last semester. I’m doing pretty well in classes; I’ve gotten to hang out with my friends; I’ve had time to decompress on my own; I still have hope for a personal comeback in March.

All things considered, my February really could have been worse. 

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January in Review

For all the excitement of a new decade, honestly my January hasn’t been all that eventful? I do have a few updates for y’all, but it mostly feels like I’ve spent my time regaining my footing, in preparation for the coming months.

(I’ve decided to try putting my monthly reading updates into their own post, so that’s not being covered today but will be up soon!)

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