Goodreads Tips & Tricks, Vol. 2

To this day, my original Goodreads Tips and Tricks post is one of my top posts. I’ve continued to use those features, and I’ve also picked up several more in the interim that I’ll be sharing with you today. As always, feel free to skim for what’s new and exciting to you!

(I know that these days a lot of people are using Storygraph instead of, or in addition to, Goodreads β€” and I do think Storygraph is great! But since it’s taking me some time to make the transition, and there are plenty of people still on Goodreads, I hope this post is still helpful.)

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Guide: Organizing Goodreads Shelves

One of the Tidyathon tasks that I didn’t get to until later was reorganizing my Goodreads: decluttering my TBR, yes, but also cleaning up my other shelves and making sure my system is still working as intended.

(Previously I compiled some general Goodreads tips & tricks, but there’s so much to cover on this specific topic that I’ve made it its own post.)

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How I Created My Custom Rating System

I’d previously discussed my many frustrations with the default 5-star rating system, and even done some preliminary “research” into upgrades and alternatives. But I was so used to assigning one convenient β€” if somewhat arbitrary β€” number and channeling the details and qualifications into my review. Change is hard.

Then Bookending Summer came around, so it was easy to add it to my Tidyathon list … and never actually sit down to create a new rating system. (I didn’t get around to most of my Tidyathon to-dos; we’re only tackling one of them in this post.)

Actually, I’d almost forgotten that this was something I wanted to do, until I checked my post schedule and saw that this one was coming up. So in true student fashion, I procrastinated then wrote this under deadline pressure; I don’t expect the product to be perfect, it’s a process.

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The Goodreads Tag

If you’ve read my Tips & Tricks post and/or we’re friends on the site both of which are things you should get on if you haven’t already, you’ll know that I’m a pretty avid Goodreads user. While there are definitely aspects that can be improved, Goodreads is a great tool to keep track of what you’ve read and to engage with other readers β€” and it’s been a huge part of my bookish experience!

All this to say, today’s tag (which I swiped from Lindsay @ Singer of Stories, whose awesome blog you should definitely check out) is right up my alley. 

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Goodreads Tips & Tricks

Although I’ve been using Goodreads to record and review books since 2014, it wasn’t until my relatively recent participation in the bookish community that I started learning a lot of pretty cool things built into the site. If you’re a regular reader of book blogs, you’ve probably at least tried out the [self-proclaimed] “world’s largest community of book lovers”, and for purposes of brevity I won’t go into too much depth in this post β€” hopefully it’s still accessible!

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