[Bookending Summer] Top 10 Book Settings I’d Like to Visit

Escapism is one of the top reasons why I read: the opportunity to explore all kinds of worlds with varying degrees of removal from the one I live in. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something just a little different, other times I want a setting whose rules I can barely wrap my head around. But whatever you’re looking for, it probably already exists in some book somewhere β€” and if it doesn’t, you can always write it yourself.

In other words, book cities and worlds certainly make for great hypothetical summer vacation destinations; since I won’t actually get to go anywhere cool this year, I’m sort of living vicariously through fictional characters. Y’know, business as usual.

This post is part of Bookending Summer 2019, which is organized by Sam & Clo! Today’s prompt, “Summer Vacation: Top 10 book cities / worlds you’d like to visit,” is hosted by Jeimy @ A Novel Idea.

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