Setting Up My First Traveler’s Notebook

When I started my very first bullet journal in December 2015, it seemed like the natural next step after five and a half years of preprinted school planners. (I got my first one in fourth grade, at nine years old.) Pen-and-paper planning definitely worked for me, but I had my own ideas for customized page layouts and lists.Β 

Three and a half years β€” and three filled notebooks β€” later, I’ve decided to switch it up yet again. My parents got me a lovely traveler’s notebook cover last Christmas; since I’d have to set up a new planning notebook / system anyway, and in September I start a new phase of my life (professional pharmacy classes), the timing seemed perfect.

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Happy 2019 πŸŽ‰

For a while now I’ve been a believer in planning and starting on your projects right away, rather than waiting for January 1st, but the start of a new year is definitely still a good time to pause and reflect on the near future. And since I’m starting to figure out this blogging thing, it feels especially important to nail down what I want to achieve in the coming months, as well as the steps it’ll take to accomplish them.

365 days = 365 chances to make your goals into reality! (Too cheesy? I’ve been watching bullet journal setup videos on YouTube, so my mind is overloaded with inspirational quotes, sorry.)

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