The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag

Apparently I somehow missed this Pride book tag in my search earlier this month, but luckily I was tagged by the creator, V @ The Sassy Library Fox! As always, I’m going to make things more challenging for myself β€” this time, by not repeating any of the books I used for my (original) Read the Rainbow tag.

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[ORIGINAL] Read the Rainbow Tag

Happy Pride Month, friends! While planning this month’s posts I went looking for Pride-themed book tags and only found a couple, so today I’m bringing you an original set of prompts that I hope you’ll enjoy, regardless of whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ (including questioning, that’s completely valid) or are “just” an ally. 

This tag is based on the Progress Pride Flag (shown in the post header) and the meanings of different rose colors (as compiled from multiple sources), because why not?

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The Procrastination Tag

To balance out any illusions of productivity that my previous post may have created, here’s an old book tag by Kate @ Cover to Cover Book Blog from Bookending Spring 2020 β€” ironically, this has been sitting in my drafts for almost a year while I procrastinated finishing it.

(If I was tagged by anyone, I’ve since lost that information and I apologize.)

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New Year Book Tag

This is an original tag that I created last year; since I still really like the prompts, and they’re still applicable with multiple possible answers, just for funsies I wanted to bring it back with a new set of answers for a new year. (And with so many books still on my TBR, I figured it couldn’t hurt to narrow down my January reading list a bit.)

Please feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to be, and don’t forget to link back to the original post (or this one is fine too) so I can find and read all your answers!

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My Blog Name in Books

Hi hello, I have returned, and today I’m going back to basics with an alphabet tag apparently designed to make me regret all the repeating vowels and tricky letters in the blog name I was so pleased with. (I kid … or do I?)

I was tagged by Siren @ Sweaters & Raindrops; this tag was created by Lynne @ Fictionophile.

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