[Bookending Spring] Flowers Book Tag

Just because my hosting days are over doesn’t mean I’m done with Bookending Spring! (If you’re new to Bookending Events, they’re quarterly (seasonal) events aiming to bring the book blogging community closer together; this spring, the optional theme is organization and cleaning. 

If you’re new to my blog โ€” hi, I’m Isabelle and it’s nice to meet you! If you’re a returner โ€” welcome back, friend!)

Choose any 5 flowers to be your guiding prompt, and according to that, take a picture of three books placed in a stack whose covers are the colour of the flowers, preferably the books being โ€“ one book that you loved, one book that you didnโ€™t and one that you want to read soon.

This post is part of Bookending Spring 2020, which is organized by Sam & Clo!
Today’s prompt, “Flowers Book Tag,” is hosted by Jayati @ It’s Just a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile.

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