Tarot Black Lives Matter Book Bingo

Recently a Books and Tea friend shared the link to the Tarot Black Lives Matter book bingo, created by The Tarot Sequence fandom as

a chance to show our love for Black authors, especially queer Black authors, and encourage each other to read more diversely and smartly, to read beyond the reaches of our comfort genres, and further educate ourselves on the subjects that are raised in these stories. And most importantly, to make that a habit, not just a one-off.

Given my resolution to read more books by Black authors, and my love of book bingos and of tarot, joining this reading challenge was an easy decision. Since it runs from July 6 to December 6*, there’s still plenty of time to join and complete prompts!

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Keeping this intro brief because it’s not about me or performative allyship or any of that; it’s about how white and non-Black POC folx can support the movement built by Black activists. 

Obviously this won’t be a comprehensive list, but hopefully some of these resources will be helpful.

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