Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo

It seems like every winter and summer break since I stopped working on fanfiction every week, I vow to rediscover my love of writing, finish off some WIPs (especially the years-old fanfics that some people apparently still read because I still get requests for new chapters), develop new plot ideas, experiment with prose style … And every winter and summer break, I totally fail to accomplish any of the above. This year isn’t much different; a month and a half of my summer break has already passed without any real progress, if we don’t count blogging.

This time is different though! Instead of settling with these lofty ideals, I sat down and really thought about the areas I want to improve, and made concrete, quantifiable plans to make these goals happen. (Which is what we’re talking about today, in case you hadn’t guessed.)

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An Open Letter to My Younger, Questioning Self

Hey you,

I know that you know it’s really not your fault that you grew up assuming you β€” and everyone else β€” was sexually and romantically attracted exclusively to the opposite gender, just as is depicted in media. Tumblr isn’t the best source of information, as we’ve learned, but it was our gateway into exploring attraction and a source of support while we were just starting out. We got lucky: our high school was heteronormative (remember all the promposals?) but not outright homophobic, and most of our close friends also identified as queer. We spent lunches talking about sexuality and activism, and being the “gay cousin.”

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Ode to Libraries

When in doubt, go to the library could have been the motto for my teenage years. My school and local libraries gave me a place to hang out during lunch and after school, a seemingly endless supply of new reading material, and even an extra resource for difficult homework assignments or hobbies I was teaching myself.

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