[Bookending Spring | Book Recs] Calm Your Soul

Now perhaps more than ever, I find myself reading to escape reality. And when the future is so uncertain, I find myself reaching for books that I know will be comforting.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, of course. But it’s a great excuse to share some of the books that help get me through rough days.

Recommend books that help with organisation, spirituality, mindfulness, or calming you down*.

*Yes, this could mean your go-to reread fiction book that mellows you out.

This post is part of Bookending Spring 2020, which is organized by Sam & Clo!
Today’s prompt, “Calm Your Soul,” is hosted by Lauren @ Northern Plunder.

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[Book Recs] Black History Month

To be quite honest, I’m always a bit uncomfortable recommending books about identities I don’t share. But these past couple of years I’ve been making a conscious effort to read more diversely, and weย are halfway through Black History Month.

So although I can’t personally speak to the quality of the rep in these books, they all have diverse characters and engaging stories. Whether you’re looking for Contemporary or Fantasy, hopefully you’ll be able to find something that intrigues you.

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21 Milestone Reads

๐ŸŽต This is my birthday song; it isn’t very long. ๐ŸŽตย 

At some point I will probably stop being okay with sharing my exact age on the Internet, so I may regret this post (and last year’s). But today I am 21 years old and I do not care. That’s a problem for future me.ย 

Birthdays are still days of wonder to me: a reminder to look back on the experiences that have influenced me, and to look forward to the experiences that await. I’ve certainly drawn a lot from the books I’ve read, for better or worse โ€” and since this is in large part a book blog, I figured, what better way to celebrate?

This post was inspired by Ibukun @ A Bookworm and a Half; I’m sure plenty of other bloggers have done similar lists, but Ibukun’s was the first that I read.ย 

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Recommended Reads: Books About Books

There’s one kind of representation that I’ve never had difficulty finding, and it’s that ofย reader. Since the majority of writers are also avid readers, it makes perfect sense that some of them will create characters who also love books โ€” and I, for one, am absolutely here for it.

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Recommended Reads: Back to School

If I’ve learned anything from years of watching YouTube, it’s that timing is particularly tricky for back-to-school posts. Everyone has a different first day of classes, so you’re always going to be too early for someone and too late for someone else. (And, of course, there are always those who aren’t in school anymore and those who are but don’t want to think about it.)

So I decided to just hope for the best with this post, scheduling it after my brother’s first day of (high) school but before mine (college / uni), and doing my best to find books that will hopefully be useful no matter what grade you’re in or if you’re done with school altogether.

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Recommended Reads: #BacklistBoost

A short while back, Kal @ Reader Voracious launched #backlistboost on social media to encourage the bookish community to talk about those old and new-to-you favorites that often get overlooked for the shiny new releases. (Go check out the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, if you haven’t already; there’s some really awesome creative features! And, of course, you can contribute your own.)

But I lack the commitment or aesthetic vision for Bookstagram โ€” I have an account but never touch it โ€” and I barely remember to check Twitter let alone write / schedule tweets. So, as is typical for me, I’m contributing a blog post instead … and, as is also typical for me, I’m kind of late to the party. Oops.

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[Bookending Summer] Recommended Reads: Series Spotlight

Since I associate summer with having free time to read, it’s the perfect time to dig into a book series! Ideally I like to read them one after the next, so that I can pick up on as many parallels and callbacks as possible … and so that I don’t forget about the series until it appears on my Goodreads feed three years later.ย 

Disclaimer: I’m pretty bad at finishing series, so I can’t personally vouch for every single book on this list since I haven’t read them all [yet]. But I’ve mostly stuck with completed series (i.e., all installments published) so that you have the option of reading them back-to-back-to-back, though there may be a couple of exceptions, and tried to avoid repeats from my other recommendation lists.

This post is part of Bookending Summer 2019, which is organized by Sam & Clo! Today’s prompt, “Series Spotlight,” is hosted by Rachel @ The Must Reads.

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Recommended Reads: Found Families

Also known as Family of Choice, the Found Family trope has always been one of my favorites. There’s nothing wrong with close-knit biological families (in fact, I love my own very much), but there’s something special about precious cinnamon / sinnamon rolls being adopted into a group that accepts them for who they are and has their back in the face of death and/or despair.ย 

Part of my love for this setup might be because I’ve tended to be part of big friend groups โ€” not due to being especially popular or outgoing; I just made friends with the “right” people and somehow found myself part of a larger social circle โ€” so I’m a fan of the dynamic. Everyone deserves to feel loved and understood.

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