New Year’s Eve Book Tag

Yup, we’re ringing out the year with another holiday tag that no one tagged me in! I found this one via Sam @ Fictionally Sam; it was created by Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads for Bookending Winter 2019.

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Holiday Mixtape Book Tag

While I’m not officially participating in Bookending Winter 2020 since I’m just coming off hiatus, I could hardly pass up these musical prompts from Jeimy @ A Novel Idea β€” I mean, what’s not to love about a great seasonal book tag?

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My Blog Name in Books

Hi hello, I have returned, and today I’m going back to basics with an alphabet tag apparently designed to make me regret all the repeating vowels and tricky letters in the blog name I was so pleased with. (I kid … or do I?)

I was tagged by Siren @ Sweaters & Raindrops; this tag was created by Lynne @ Fictionophile.

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Get to Know YA Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Siobhan @ Siobhan’s Novelties ages ago β€” thank you! β€” and only recently found this when going through my drafts. But hey, better late than never?

Featuring titles that will be familiar if you’ve read any of my previous tags and/or personal recs, attempts to actually explain why I love these books (beyond the usual “a;fldkj;lsdfjl;sdfa JUST READ IT OKAY”), and probably too many puns.

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Pride Flag Book Tag

Yup, I’m ignoring my tag hoard to participate in another one I found via the social Internet β€” but how could I pass up this colorful tag created by Common Spence, which I found through May @ Forever and Everly?Β 

To truly fulfill the spirit of this tag, naturally I’m spotlighting only books that feature LGBTQIA+ protagonists.

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