[Character Aesthetics] October Daye & Co.

Earlier this month, I finally caught up on the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire โ€” yes, all 15 books (so far). That’s a lot of time to spend with the main cast; naturally I’ve gotten quite attached and thus wanted to pay tribute to a select few of my favorites.

Note: General warning for possible spoilers through When Sorrows Come.

Sir October Christine Daye

Tybalt, King of Cats

Quentin Sollys

May Daye

The Luidaeg (Antigone of Albany)

Walther Davies

Simon Torquill (Lorden)

  • What colors and images would you put on a moodboard for yourself?
  • Are there any other characters/ books that you’d like to see me make aesthetics or moodboards for? Let me know!

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