I Made Character Aesthetics for Wild Beauty

Anna-Marie McLemore has incredible talent for atmosphere and interpersonal dynamics, so making a set of character aesthetics seemed like a fitting tribute to Wild Beauty: its striking visuals, the fascinating cast, and all the little details that add up to a story.

As is par for the course, I greatly underestimated how long this would take, especially since I decided I wanted to make moodboards for all five Nomeolvides cousins and the final two main characters, for a grand total of seven. But it was a fun process, so I hope you enjoy! (By the way, the vast majority of these images are pulled directly from the book β€” if you’ve read it, I’d love to know if you recognize/ remember any of them! And if not, I’d love to hear your theories on where they appear.) 

Sorrow was a family heirloom, written into their blood like ink on a will.

β€” Anna-Marie McLemore, Wild Beauty

Estrella Nomeolvides


Azalea Nomeolvides

Gloria Nomeolvides

Calla Nomeolvides

Dalia Nomeolvides

Bay Briar

  • What colors and images would you put on a moodboard for yourself?
  • Are there any other characters/ books that you’d like to see me make aesthetics or moodboards for? Let me know!

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