Goodreads Tips & Tricks, Vol. 2

To this day, my original Goodreads Tips and Tricks post is one of my top posts. I’ve continued to use those features, and I’ve also picked up several more in the interim that I’ll be sharing with you today. As always, feel free to skim for what’s new and exciting to you!

(I know that these days a lot of people are using Storygraph instead of, or in addition to, Goodreads โ€” and I do think Storygraph is great! But since it’s taking me some time to make the transition, and there are plenty of people still on Goodreads, I hope this post is still helpful.)

Filter Multiple Shelves

You probably already know that you can select and sort your Goodreads shelves, but did you know that you canย filter for multiple shelves at once (in other words, show only the books that are on all of the selected shelves)? In the screenshot below, for example, I’m filtering for ARCs that I’ve posted blog reviews for.

This relatively new feature has already proven super useful, as well as super easy to navigate:

“My Books” โ†’ select any shelf* โ†’ “select multiple”โ†’
click “+” next to additional shelve(s) you want to view

* The “select multiple” option is located at the bottom of the list of your shelves and won’t appear if you’re viewing “All” books you have shelved.

selecting multiple shelves

Note regarding exclusive shelves: You don’t have to select an exclusive shelf for this function, as shown in my screenshot! On the other hand, the interface will allow you to select multiple exclusive shelves โ€” e.g., Read and Want to Read โ€” but this will return no results since it searches for books that are on all the selected shelves (since by definition, the same book can’t be on multiple exclusive shelves).

Quickly Jump to Your Review

Maybe I’m just the last one to discover this shortcut and I’m outing myself as super unobservant, but I’m including it just in case it helps someone else out โ€” because until embarrassingly recently, it took way too many steps for me to get to my Goodreads review of a particular book.ย 

Previously, to get the link to my review I though I had to navigate to the book page, make sure I’m on the right edition (you can see your review in the My Activity box, but the “see review” link only appears on the page for the edition you reviewed; as a side note, if you click the link from the My Books view it should take you to that edition), then click on “see review” (right-click + “copy link address”).

But no longer!

“My Books” โ†’ find desired book โ†’ “view”

jump to review

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy; go forth and enjoy all the time this trick will save you.ย 

Removing Duplicates

Goodreads does this thing where it stores multiple editions of the same book on your shelves separately if you do any number of things (enter a giveaway, edit shelves from the dropdown, etc., etc.), and it can be a real pain if you’re into organizing your shelves, as I am.

In the absence of any automatic or systemic fixes, as well as wanting to make sure I keep the right edition, I’ve been deleting the duplicates manually.

“My Books” โ†’ tools โ†’ “Find Duplicates” โ†’ “View All Editions”


find duplicates 3

(That said, I do have some duplicates where I have read or want to read multiple editions of a book, such as audiobook and Kindle version; those I tend to keep.)

Friend Request Question

While this feature seems to be decently well-known, I think it’s still worth a mention โ€” personally I like knowing how people came across my profile, and it’s a quick way to filter out people who are just spamming friend requests for whatever reason.

“Account Settings” โ†’ “Settings” โ†’ Friend Requests

friend request question

Note: People can still send friend requests without answering the question, particularly through the Goodreads app. There is an option to require a Challenge Answer, which means that the person sending the friend request must give the exact one-word answer you set here.ย 

Kindle Notes + Highlights

This integration might be the biggest if not only silver lining of Goodreads being acquired by Amazon, at least for me as a Kindle (format) reader. Since I read mostly library books, to which I lose access once the loan period ends, it’s nice to have my notes and highlights automatically sync’d to Goodreads for archival purposes.ย I also appreciate that there’s multiple ways to access them!


kindle notes highlights 3

To give credit where it’s due, these are all existing features that I’ve found useful โ€” but, of course, you have to know about them before you can use them, hence this post! Hopefully you got to see something new that can make your Goodreads experience just a bit better.

  • Were any of these tips/tricks new to you?
  • Do you know any other tips/tricks that you’d like to share?

6 thoughts on “Goodreads Tips & Tricks, Vol. 2

  1. THANK YOU! Goodreads is so hard to navigate, and these tips really help. Iโ€™ve never used Kindle notes and Highlights but I will start now!

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