Spring Cleaning My Blog

I always feel like I should be making the most of spring break by spring cleaning, like, my whole life β€” and since it’s been a while (hi, hello) my blog could definitely use some time dedicated to dusting off the virtual cobwebs and refreshing some outdated information.

Shoutout to my past self for the handy Blog Maintenance Checklist I’ll be relying on!

Honestly I don’t know if this will be interesting/helpful/etc. to anyone but me, but I like the accountability of sharing this publicly; it was also easier and less awkward to write than a(nother) “Hey I’m back from hiatus … hopefully for real this time” post. Gotta start somewhere, y’know?

Priority Tasks

  • Clear out blog email inbox.
  • Catch up on comments. (Though I may miss some since it’s been so long!)
  • Update books & blogging spreadsheet.
  • Finish and schedule remaining March posts.
  • Finish setting up Feedly for bloghopping.

Other Tasks

  • Make April post schedule and draft posts.
  • Update 2021 reading challenges.
  • Update review archive page.
  • Update series synopses page.
  • Revise About page.
  • Revise review policy.
  • Update stats and info on ARC sites.

Stretch/Long-Term Tasks

  • Bloghop. (And add it to my weekly schedule.)
  • Review Goodreads shelves and link blogged reviews.
  • Catch up on pending reviews.
  • Finalize new blog logo and color palette.
  • Check all blog links and images.
  • Do you spring clean (your living space, your blog, your life)?
  • When was the last time you did blog maintenance?
  • I’m sure I’ve missed tons of good content and messy drama; catch me up on what’s happening in your life!

7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Blog

  1. Goodluck & have fun in your Spring cleaning!

    ehh- one of the only things Im really cleaning is my wardrobe once in a while x) donate all the clothes that don’t fit/am not wearing anymore and maybe throw a few useless things that I have accumulated aswell as properly set things again (which won’t last long before I just yeet my pajamas in a chunk xD)

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  2. I sometimes have to clean up my email, but I try to keep up with the blog as I go. I have been really bad about procrastinating, so I try to keep ahead of it. It’s great that you have a plan. Making lists is helpful.


  3. Aaaah Izzy πŸ’œ I’m currently on a blog hiatus have been since the start of the year so I’m not about blog hopping all that much but hi, I hope you’re doing alright and I’m sending you love and all the productive energy ☺️ I’m loving the new logo and sign off graphic πŸ’•

    I haven’t done much blogging maintenance at all πŸ˜… I have been making a list though of some of the things I’d like to sort out, just so that I’m not having to do everything all at once. I’ve mostly been working on spring cleaning my life though tbf my digital life needs a good ol’ spring clean too.

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