Gone On Hiatus

tl;dr Yup, I’m on hiatus again; I just have too many things to juggle right now. Though I don’t have posts scheduled this time, I might sporadically pop in with a tag or reading report, or to reply to comments.

Most likely I won’t be on Twitter, but you can still contact me through email or Discord; it just might take me some time to respond.

Unlike with my decision to go on hiatus this time last year, I haven’t spent a ton of time weighing pros / cons or prewriting posts. In fact, I actively didn’t want to go on hiatus, so I wasn’t planning on or for it.

And then these past few weeks showed me how busy my life has become.

(The short version, for anyone who might be curious, is that I’m taking a full class load to graduate on time after changing my major, in addition to serving on three club executive boards, working part-time as a writing tutor, and applying to grad programs; online-everything has been A Struggle. Not to mention some personal stuff that I won’t go into detail about.)

For the sake of my mental health (and physical β€” sleep is important!), I think something’s got to give, and right now blogging is the least crucial to my happiness or future success. Which is not to say that I don’t appreciate y’all, or your lovely comments and posts, but NTV just can’t be a priority for me at present. And I need to focus on my priorities.

As mentioned in the tl;dr, I’ll still be around to some extent. Naturally I won’t be taking review requests or working on guest/collab posts, or regularly bloghopping, or posting much (if at all) on social media.

But you can still get in touch (Discord or email), and I’ll get back to you when I can!


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