August in Review


This Month’s Goals

Reading & Blogging

  • Read 10 books (or half of total read count) for #StartOnYourShelfathon.
    • Yet again: 10 books yes, half no. Maybe I should just revise my goal to the former since it’s clearly much more attainable?
  • Read 3 books by/about Asian folx for #YARC2020. βœ“
    • Well, technically yes if you include manga. Though I don’t usually count manga toward reading challenges besides the Goodreads one.
  • Read 4 books by/about Black folx for #TarotBLMBingo.
    • I’ve read 3 and hope to finish another by the end of the month!
  • Catch up on ARC reviews (14). πŸ—™


  • Continue researching and preparing applications for post-graduation. βœ“
  • Create CV/master resume. πŸ—™
  • Update pediatric club website with collected resources. πŸ—™
    • Got a little busy getting the new club officers all oriented and ready to go. So forgivable, if I say so myself.


  • Finish decluttering and reorganizing my room. βœ“
    • As close as it gets to done, anyway.
  • Stretch daily (or at least 5x per week). πŸ—™
  • Work out at least 3x per week, for 15-30 min at a time. πŸ—™
    • I’m still trying to figure out where exercise best fits into my routine, but I think once I get that down it should be easier to stick to.
  • Journal at least 4x per week. βœ“

This Month’s Media

Posts I Wrote


Things I Watched

  • Love, Victor Season 1 Episode 1
    • Seems like a great show, but Michael Cimino [Victor] looks and behaves so much like an ex-best friend of mine that it actually hurt. I had to stop watching.
  • Umbrella Academy Season 2
    • I’m not crying over [redacted], YOU’RE crying over [redacted].
  • Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler] Season 1 – rewatch
    • Somehow this is so much darker than I remember? What the heck was going on with you, middle school me.
  • Shokugeki no Soma [Food Wars!] Season 2 – Season 5 (current)
    • Currently considering reading the manga because I hadn’t realized the anime wasn’t finished yet and I hate cliffhangers.

This Month’s Highlights

  • My friends and I have scheduled our annual-ish back-to-school party / game night for this weekend. Normally this would be preceded by a tour of everyone’s dorms (or rooms; this year we were supposed to all be in the same building just like freshman year and it was gonna be so much fun), but … well.
  • So. many. club. meetings. With the semester fast approaching, executive board officers have had to get our butts into gear; I’ve had to go from basically no social interaction to virtual conferences practically every other day, and frequently checking and replying to messages / emails.
  • The muse has returned and I’ve recently found myself re-inspired to create, whether that’s original fiction, fanfic, poetry, or photography. Just in time for me to use these hobbies to procrastinate schoolwork.
  • What goals/plans did you achieve this past month?
  • Are there any that you didn’t quite reach? Will you be trying again next month, or moving on to other pursuits?


6 thoughts on “August in Review

  1. Ah I refuse to believe it’s September already…I didn’t read any books this past month but somehow the last few days of August I found the energy to work on Korean. So I’ve worked through 2 full lessons and all the extra materials and am busy on lesson 3 now and it’s one of the only goals I managed to accomplish last month. Sending you all the good vibes for your new semester Izzy! ❀


  2. OMG I’m so sad that you couldn’t finish Love Victor because of that but I get it. I remember one episode particularly giving me coming out anxiety so I had to stop for a while.



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