July Preview

Sweet July, warm July!
Month when mosses near the stream,
Soft green mosses thick and shy,
Are a rapture and a dream.

– George Meredith, “July”

I almost made a joke about how the year could only get better from here on out, but I don’t really want to tempt fate/the universe/whoever’s in charge of this dumpster fire of a world. So, um, fingers crossed?


Reading & Blogging

  • Read 10 books (or half of total read count) for #StartOnYourShelfathon.
  • Read 3 books by/about Asian folx for #YARC2020.
  • Read 4 books by/about Black folx, ideally at least 2 nonfiction.
  • Bloghop at least once per week.
  • Catch up on at least 6 (of 12 remaining) ARC reviews.


  • Keep up with summer learning programs.
  • Update master resume.
  • Continue researching and preparing applications for post-graduation (eep).


  • Stretch daily (or at least 5x per week).
  • Work out at least 3x per week, for 15-30 min at a time.
  • Journal at least 2x per week.

Anticipated Book Releases

ARCs I Have


Waiting for Release Day

Anticipated IRL Events

  • You might know that I adored An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. With the sequel A Beautifully Foolish EndeavorΒ coming out July 7 available for preorder now, Hank Green is doing a virtual book tour and I am so so so excited to join him (and John Green!) for the Vlogbrothers launch.
  • It’s once again Camp NaNo time! This month I’m trying something a little different than usual: rather than start a new project or make a fresh attempt at an old one, I’m just going to let myself write whatever I feel like (hopefully including a decent number of Bellarke Fics for BLM) and count getting back into writing as an overall win.
  • One of my three summer leadership programs will be wrapping up in late July. Not quite sure yet what’ll be replacing it in my schedule, but I’m sure I’ll eventually find something or other.
  • I’m on the last few pages of my traveler’s notebook, so later this month I get to set up a new bullet journal β€” always an exciting moment for a stationery lover.
  • Oh, and my university is supposed to announce the plan for this fall soon. Not necessarily something I’m holding my breath waiting for, but I like knowing what to plan for.
  • Do you have a favorite quote about this month or time of year?
  • What goals and plans do you have for this month?
  • Which upcoming releases are you most excited to read?

6 thoughts on “July Preview

  1. All the best with all your goals! I want to workout more as well this month and get a little healthier than I’ve been because of the lockdown.
    All the best for Camp NaNo! That does sound very exciting! I’m not taking part in Camp NaNo this month because I’m anticipating a lot of other personal stuff to get in the way but I do want to write 10,000 words of well, whatever, kind of like you but more focused on my current WIP and editing the stiff I’ve written as a new idea popped into my head which has made everything I’d written kind of obsolete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Jayati, and I wish you a great month too!

      aaaaa I totally feel that, it’s definitely part of why I’ve largely given up on planning because the characters/plot have a mind of their own so I end up tossing so much of the outline πŸ˜ͺ but well, that’s part of the fun of writing haha


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