May in Review

Finals mood: ThisIsFine.gif

Post finals mood: DobbyIsAFreeBitch.gif

This Month’s Goals

Reading & Blogging

  • Read 10 books (or half of total read count) for #StartOnYourShelfathon. βœ“
  • Read 8 books by/about Asian people for #YARC2020 and Asian Readathon (and, of course, for Asian Heritage Month). βœ“
  • Bloghop at least once but preferably 2-3 times per week. πŸ—™
  • Update static pages on blog: About, Review Policy, Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Catch up on ARC reviews (11). πŸ—™


  • Submit thesis/capstone proposals. βœ“
  • Research post-graduation opportunities.
  • Update LinkedIn and master resume.
    • In progress.


  • Journal daily β€” or at least 5 times per week. πŸ—™
  • Work out a daily/weekly routine balancing productivity and self-care. βœ“
    • Actually follow said routine. πŸ—™
  • Spring clean (declutter + reorganize) my childhood bedroom. πŸ—™

This Month’s Media

Posts I Wrote


Things I Watched

This Month’s Highlights

  • Final exams; the semester finally over and done πŸŽ‰
  • Book Con β€” I’d planned to check it out, but my sleep schedule is such a disaster that I pretty much slept through all the events πŸ˜…

This post is backdated.

  • What goals/plans did you achieve this past month?
  • Are there any that you didn’t quite reach? Will you be trying again next month, or moving on to other pursuits?
  • Of the many awesome posts I couldn’t include in this roundup, are there any that I should make sure to hop to?


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