May Preview

May: the lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself.

– Marty Rubin

But seriously, how has so much of the year gone by already? I feel like I’ve barely had a chance to get my shit together or catch my breath, yet at the same time individual days and weeks can drag on forever.

I’m also accepting that I have no idea what to expect from this month, so I guess we’ll just have to see how things shake out.


Reading & Blogging

  • Read 10 books (or half of total read count) for #StartOnYourShelfathon.
  • Read 8 books by/about Asian people for #YARC2020 and Asian Readathon (and, of course, for Asian Heritage Month*).
    • I read a lot of East Asian characters/authors (in part because I identify as East Asian-American, but also because they often get more publicity), so I’ll be actively diversifying this list β€” recommendations for non-East Asian reads are welcome!
  • Bloghop at least once but preferably 2-3 times per week.
  • Update static pages on blog: About, Review Policy, Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Catch up on ARC reviews (11).


  • Submit thesis/capstone proposals.
  • Research post-graduation opportunities.
  • Update LinkedIn and master resume.


  • Journal daily β€” or at least 5 times per week.
  • Work out a daily/weekly routine that balances productivity and self-care.
  • Spring clean (declutter + reorganize) my childhood bedroom.

Anticipated Releases

I’m not totally up-to-date on all the changed release dates, so apologies if any of these are wrong!

ARCs I Have


Waiting for Release Day

Upcoming IRL

My semester will be wrapping up this first week and a half (or so) of May, which means I’ve got a couple of projects and exams to submit. But I’m lucky to have the resources to complete them, as well as professors who have been very accommodating, so I’m not all that stressed about it. 

You may or may not know that May is Asian Heritage Month*. It’s often referred to as Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (and variations thereof), but Pasifika activists have spoken out about erasure related to this grouping. Plus, it’s not exclusively for Asian-Americans β€” all Asians are valid and should be included! 

May is also Mental Health Awareness Month. Current events are rough on everyone, so please do take care of yourself: make time to unwind, whatever that looks like for you, and remember that your best is good enough. Also, if you’d like, you can submit a 100 word rant or two (or however many you want, though I can’t guarantee I’ll publish them all) for an upcoming post! πŸ˜‰

  • Do you have a favorite quote about this month or time of year?
  • What goals and plans do you have for this month?
  • Which upcoming releases are you most excited to read?


9 thoughts on “May Preview

  1. Ah sending you all the productive energy to get through the goals, I can’t believe it’s May already like we’re nearly half way through the year. It’s insane. I really need to take another look at my goals and maybe make a blog post to help keep me accountable or something or just a spread in my bujo haha. I do know that some of the goals I had for this year probably won’t be accomplished now (like learning to drive because lockdown and social distancing is a thing and is more of a priority then you know driving).

    Eek I’ve been journaling every day so far this month, and it’s been fun sometimes I don’t write a lot and other times I write like two pages of me rambling about a topic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you, Clo! πŸ’•

      ikr the year is absolutely flying by (though … ngl I’m kinda ready for it to be over, it’s been a rough one πŸ˜…); it’s definitely high time to start reevaluating my goals and trying to actually achieve some of them haha. but sending you back good vibes for all the things you want to do! ✨

      Liked by 1 person

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