April in Review

I know, I know, these posts always open with the usual Where has the time gone? musings. But seriously, it can’t be just me who has lost all sense of what hour/day/month it is anymore. (Never leaving the house β€” and rarely leaving your room β€” will do that to you, I guess.) 

And to be honest, I never got into a weekly routine to keep up with my classes. But with the semester somehow already ending, it seemed pointless to try to fix it now. 

So instead I’m shifting focus to the coming months, when I’ll actually be left to my own devices send help. As Richard Campbell Gansey III would say, Excelsior.

This Month’s Goals

Reading & Blogging

  • Read 10 books (or half of total read count) for #StartOnYourShelfathon. πŸ—™
    • Including DNFs, I’ve gotten through 11 #SOYS books, but it’s not quite half of my total read count this month.
  • Read 3 books for #YARC2020. βœ“
    • Currently reading the third … close enough.
  • Bloghop at least once but preferably 3-4 times per week. πŸ—™
  • Come up with a plan to finish all 60 (!!!) of the reviews I still need to do. βœ“
    • Write at least 5 of the ARC reviews I keep putting off. πŸ—™


  • Find a thesis adviser and actually ask them to be my thesis adviser. βœ“
    • I have to submit a proposal in May, so this needs to actually get done.
  • Plan out courses for next year (ASAP). βœ“
    • Also registered for classes; I think I’d forgotten when exactly that happens, so thank goodness for emailed reminders. βœ“
  • Do some research on my post-graduation options. πŸ—™


  • Write at least 500 words per day and/or finish my new Camp NaNo WIP. πŸ—™
  • Keep working on that night routine and sleep schedule. ?
    • Sort of? It’s still kind of hit-or-miss on a day by day basis.

This Month’s Media

Posts I Wrote


Posts I Read

  • Bookending Spring 2020 Announcement [this was technically posted last month, but it’s got the explanation of BE Spring and all the prompts!]
  • I’m still struggling to reintroduce bloghopping into my weekly routine, so unfortunately this section is again pretty sparse πŸ˜…


Things I Watched

This Month’s Highlights

As you can probably tell from the post list above, Bookending Spring 2020 was a big part of my blogging month. I was admittedly not good about bloghopping, but truly it was awesome to see everyone who did my prompts and I hope to catch up to leave y’all comments soon!

I’d originally intended to share Camp NaNoWriMo updates, but, well … I got in less than a week of actual writing, culminating in less than 5k words written. So we’ll just pretend it didn’t happen, okay?

But hey, the semester wraps up in mid-May so things are winding down in some classes, ramping up into a final project or exam prep in others. Really looking forward to getting a break, though I’m a little apprehensive about what my days will look like without any kind of external accountability or schedule.


Quick highlights:

  • I made a sourdough starter! Still figuring this thing out, but it seems to surviving β€” dare I even say thriving? β€” thus far.
  • Though I haven’t gotten around to actually baking sourdough bread, in part since we don’t currently have a Dutch oven or cast iron, I did make pizza from scratch: crust (from starter discard!), sauce, toppings, all that good stuff. It was pretty tasty.
  • My school to school transfer was formally approved, so I am now officially a Linguistics major! Just in time for my last year of college, lol.

This post is backdated.

  • What goals/plans did you achieve this past month?
  • Are there any that you didn’t quite reach? Will you be trying again next month, or moving on to other pursuits?


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