[Fireside Friday] Bloghopping Bingo

Just like the books we talk about, our blogs (and posts) often share certain motifs and themes, from certain design/layout elements or common phrases. So while bloghopping these past few weeks, I’ve been keeping a list of things that stood out to me.

And what better way to collect these items than in bingo boards? (Well, this was originally going to be a drinking game. But I’ve already made one of those for ASOUE, adaptable for either the books or the show.)

This post is not meant to mock anyone whose blog/posts contain these things โ€” it’s just for fun and extra motivation to bloghop for those of us who might want/need it. Myself totally included.

Blog Design

  • Blog logo or mascot
  • WordPress blog
  • Blogger name in blog name
  • .com URL

Post Types

  • Tag/Meme post
  • (Book) Review post
  • Interview or guest post
  • Bujo or planner post

Post Content

  • Original photos (taken by the blogger)
  • Embedded tweet or insta post
  • Book cover image(s)
  • Discussion questions (at end of post)


  • #ownvoices
  • “If you loved/enjoyed”
  • “POC” or “AOC”
  • “Backlist”

Sidebar Elements

  • WordPress follow button
  • Search barย 
  • Ko-fi button
  • Blogger award badges

Blog Design

  • Unique color palette
  • Static home page (ie, home page is not just posts feed)
  • Blogger blog
  • Signoff graphic

Post Types

  • Book recs post
  • Unboxing or Cover reveal
  • Discussion post
  • Blog tour post

Post Content

  • Strikethrough text
  • Pingback to another blog
  • Book buy links (Amazon, B&N, etc)
  • Spreadsheet screenshot


  • “LGBTQ+” (or some variation)
  • “New favorite book/read”
  • “Indie”
  • “New adult”

Sidebar Elements

  • Photo or Picrew avatar
  • Post calendar
  • Currently reading
  • Bloglovin’ widget

Bonus challenges

  • Complete a bingo board using as few blogs/posts as possible.
  • Complete a bingo board without repeating blogs/posts.
  • Complete a bingo board using only your own blog and posts.
  • Complete a bingo board using only diverse bloggers.
  • Anything else you can think of!
  • Are there any major things that I’ve left out?
  • Are any of the prompts unclear?
  • Which of the elements above do you like to see? Which do you think are overrated/overused?

Feel free to use and repost these bingo boards, as long as you credit me by tagging me (@ninetalevixen on Twitter & Instagram) and/or linking back to this post!

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