March Preview

By March, the worst of the winter would be over. The snow would thaw, the rivers begin to run and the world would wake into itself again.

– Neil Gaiman

Despite the Gaiman quote I picked, in reality the weather’s been quite literally hot-and-cold these past few weeks. So I’m really hoping it evens out β€” ideally on the warmer side of comfortable, but I’ll settle for consistency.

(Hopefully it’ll eventually warm up. Eventually.)

January and February haven’t given me the strongest start to the year, but if I’ve learned anything from playing and being really bad at intramural sports: it’s not over until it’s over. It’s too early to give up on making a comeback!


Reading & Blogging

  • Read 10 books (or half of total read count) for #StartOnYourShelfathon.
  • Read 3 books for #YARC2020.
  • Get through review backlog for Dec 2019 and Jan 2020, plus all read ARCs. 


  • Find a thesis adviser and actually ask them to be my thesis adviser.
    • Stretch goal: Consult with adviser to decide on topic.
    • Stretch goal: Draft initial thesis proposal.
  • Look into summer courses to lighten my course load next year.


  • Write 150 words per day.
  • Solidify night routine and sleep schedule. 

Anticipated Releases

ARCs I Have


Waiting for Release Day

Upcoming IRL

March means both midterm season and spring break! I’m looking forward to getting the chance to catch my breath, but honestly every lecture and every assignment this semester has affirmed my decision to change majors β€” I don’t think I’ve been so genuinely interested in my classes since, like, early high school. Maybe even middle school.

Though I won’t be spending spring break just sitting around in my room as I’ve done for every break as long as I can remember; I’ve signed up for a four-day legal careers/pre-law workshop since law school is one of the paths I’m considering. (And one that my parents are, unsurprisingly, advocating for.)

Other than that, I think it’s pretty much business as usual this month? Reading, hanging out with friends, stressing out about how rapidly graduation is approaching.

Same old, same old. But better, hopefully.

  • Do you have a favorite quote about this month or time of year?
  • What goals and plans do you have for this month?
  • Which upcoming releases are you most excited to read?


9 thoughts on “March Preview

  1. Yay for upcoming holiday time! Agh, solidifying a sleep schedule… that is really something I should be working on doing soon as well. Yes, this can be your comeback month! I hope March will be good to you πŸ™‚

    Olivia-S @ Olivia’s Catastrophe

    Liked by 1 person

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