[Announcement] Going on (Semi) Hiatus

tl;dr I’m going on hiatus until mid-December to focus on school and other personal commitments. Posts have been scheduled for once a week; I might sporadically bloghop if I have time, but I won’t be replying to comments or checking bookish social media. You can still contact me, though I can’t promise I’ll reply promptly.


As I mentioned in my August in review post, this will be my first semester as a professional pharmacy student (program-wise, it’s comparable to med school; I’ve finished two years of undergraduate classes, and after four more years I should have a PharmD degree). It’ll definitely be an adjustment in terms of courseload and academic rigor; I also have leadership roles in student organizations as well as possibly working part-time. Additionally, I’ve made the transition to living off-campus and therefore have to figure out how to do adult things like grocery shopping and meal planning. 

So all this to say, I know that I’ll have a lot going on and school has to be my priority for the foreseeable future.


Over my short summer break I’ve been hard at work prewriting posts, so there’ll still be new content here while I’m gone! Since most people seem to bloghop on the weekends, I’ve scheduled them for Fridays; they’ll be automatically cross-linked on Twitter as usual, but I most likely won’t actually be active on blog-related social media, besides Goodreads.

While I’m on hiatus I won’t be bloghopping consistently, or maybe at all. Though if we’re friends β€” y’all know who you are β€” you should absolutely feel free to DM me links to posts you’re particularly proud of, or that you think I’d be interested in! Hopefully it goes without saying that I won’t be taking review requests or working on guest / collab posts in the meantime.

Still, I’m not totally logging off the Internet! (That would be kind of hard in this day and age, especially considering I need it for class and life stuff. Hey Siri, how do you cook rice on the stove?) If you want to chat about anything, I’ll still be checking Discord and my blog email occasionally; it just might take me a while to get back to you.

If any of you have tips and resources from being on hiatus (how you redirect blogging inspiration / creative energy, getting back into the flow afterwards, etc.), or for studying / adulting in general, I’d really appreciate them. Thank you all for your support and encouragement so far!


14 thoughts on “[Announcement] Going on (Semi) Hiatus

  1. Sending you so much love and study vibes for school!! I hope you absolutely kill it (I’m certain you will). Also, google has never given me a good steer to get perfectly fluffy rice, so if you find a recipe, let me know!! πŸšπŸ˜‚πŸ’•

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  2. Best of luck, Isabelle! I hope everything goes well for you, and don’t sweat not being around to blog. You’re definitely making a smart choice.

    As for studying, try to study somewhere you can’t get too comfy (I couldn’t allow myself to study in my room or I’d fall asleep), and if you don’t do it already, try timeblocking! Lay out your day by time (ex: wake at 8, shower at 8:30, class at 9:30, etc) and try to stick to it as best you can. It helps me visualize what I’ve got on my plate for the day and what order to tackle it in.

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    1. thanks, Meaghan! I did end up timeblocking more extensively than I have in the past, and it was definitely a huge help – I could plan out my week on Sunday nights and save myself tons of decision-making throughout the week! πŸ’•


  3. I keep a page in my notebook to just jot down ideas for later, because sometimes I can’t be bothered to post those ideas until later on, but I’m glad to hear we’ll still get some posts from you, and glad you’ve made a decision that is best for you!

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  4. All the best vibes for you on your hiatus! ❀ Pharmacy school is difficult, but I believe you’ll do awesome. Also I have no clue how to adult either… or even cook rice on the stove, but somehow my mom knows how to cook rice in the microwave. o_o (This is some magic.)

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