State of the ARC: August 2019

This meme was created by Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books

So as not to cancel out my participation in ARC August and Netgalley #Reviewathon this month, I put myself on a “soft ban”: only two requests allowed until I was down to my last 5 ARCs and had completely caught up on reviews.

Although I used up those requests pretty quickly because I have no self control, I’m pleasantly surprised to be down to my last two ARCs (currently reading one; the other has long been scheduled for a buddy read starting in September). However, I haven’t completely met my goal since I still have reviews to catch up on.

I do still have a few days of August (and summer break) left; I just might manage to knock out those reviews! We’ll see.

The single “Read, To Review” is actually the ARC I finished in July after I posted my last State of the ARC; I’ve managed to keep up with reviews for the ARCs I’ve finished (or DNF’d) this month! 

It feels so good to almost be free, I think I’ve been cured of ARC fever. Which means, practically speaking, that I simultaneously don’t plan on accumulating many more ARCs in the next few months and don’t feel the need to continue on a ban. I may still sign up for interesting blog tours and/or request upcoming titles from authors I already love, but I won’t spend time browsing the Netgalley and Edelweiss catalogs. 


New Review Copies (3):


Read This Month (6):

[you can click on the title to see the Goodreads page, or the 🔥s to see my review]


DNF’d This Month (5):


Currently Reading (1):

ARC August Bingo

While it’s not as impressive as I would’ve liked, I did my best with what I had, i.e. the 10 or so ARCs I had left at the end of July. So I’m not too disappointed, especially since I did at least manage one bingo! (And yes, I did double-count some titles, though some bingo squares weren’t tied to a specific book.)

State of the ARC Bingo

Finishing this off so quickly was not as satisfying as watching the slots fill in over the months, but I really don’t have cause to complain here; it’s lucky that the ARCs I had left could fulfill these prompts. 

This has been a really helpful meme, and it’s served its purpose in helping me demolish Mount ARC-TBR. Which means this will probably be my last update for a while, unless things go terribly awry — which is not impossible, but I like to think it’s unlikely.

How’s your state of the ARC looking? Have you read any good ones that I should look out for (after I catch up more on the ones I already have) or that I should get to soon if I already have them?


6 thoughts on “State of the ARC: August 2019

  1. Ahhh, I’m so happy you have caught up!! I am… still behind (and clearly not making progress as I have gone back to reread The Nevernight Chronicle, and then I signed up for Sequel September)!! Maybe… November?!

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