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Since July is the month of Camp NaNoWriMo, or the month of writing like I’m running out of time, it seemed like an appropriate time to finally do this tag! (Especially since the Hamilton soundtrack makes pretty awesome writing music โ€” give it a try if you haven’t already.)

I wasn’t actually tagged, but I saw Annie @ Blossoms and Bullet Journals do this one and just had to swipe it.

The Room Where It Happens: a book world you would put yourself in

I recently listed 10 of my top fictional summer vacation destinations, but I would also love to move to By-the-Sea and meet the magical Fernweh family โ€” or make a pilgrimage to Bicho Raro and the Soria family. The latter would be difficult, of course, but (literally) transformative and I would certainly be a better person at the end of it.


The Schuyler Sisters: an underrated female character

(The Queens of) Attolia and Eddis often seem to be overshadowed by Gen’s antics, especially since he’s the series’s titular Queen’s Thief. But both women are incredible characters in their own right: intelligent and powerful and just so awe-inspiring!


My Shot: a character who goes after what they want

If memory serves, “Artemis Fowl goes after what he wants” could be the alternative synopsis for that series. Seriously, he has a kind of terrifying ruthless determination and I could never decide if I should emulate it or try to be the opposite.


You’ll Be Back: sassiest villain

The villains and antiheroes in Percy Jackson’s world are pretty sassy. So are the heroes / protagonists. And a lot of the minor characters, come to think of it …


Non-Stop: a series you marathoned

I got a Little House box set one Christmas, so naturally I sat and worked my way through all nine of them that very week. Though for what it’s worth, marathoning is my preferred way to read book series.


Satisfied: favorite book with multiple povs

When done right, I think multiple-POV is a terrific way to tell a story. The Mother-Daughter Book Club series is one of the best examples that comes to mind (within the series, my favorite is probably either Dear Pen Pal or Pies & Prejudice); each of the girls has such a distinct voice and interests, so the alternation makes the narrative even more fun … when it’s not an exercise in empathy. (Which I mean in a good way.)


Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: a book that will be remembered throughout history

It feels like cheating to put a Certified Classic here, since they’ve already stood the test of time. So I’ll mostly adhere to the spirit of this question by answering Good Omens, which is not quite as old. I think.


Helpless: a relationship you were rooting for from the start

Mia and Jake from Fake It Till You Break It! Fake dating and enemies-to-friends-to-lovers are some of my favorite tropes, and I was all in from their very first interaction. The banter, the history between them, the way their moms ship it so hard … *dreamy sigh*


What Comes Next: a series that you wish had more books

I could read twenty more books about the Gangsey, though I suppose the Dreamer trilogy kind of counts as a continuation? (Or a spin-off, semantics, whatever.) And Maggie Stiefvater has gifted us so many lovely little stories set in the Raven Cycle ‘verse.

This is a tough one since a lot of my favorite series already have plenty of books: ASOUE, for example, or the Emelan cycle. But I’ll pick Ignite the Stars since it’s a duology with so much potential, and although some characters’ arcs are finished, I’d love to see more in that world!


Right Hand Man: favorite brotp

Rhen and Seleni from To Best the Boys are cousins (and girl cousins, at that), but I’m going to pick them anyway. I love the way they support each other despite their contrasting personalities and life goals; it’s so refreshing compared to the girl-on-girl hate and internalized misogyny that you find in so many other books!


What’d I Miss: a book or series that you were late to reading

Again, it would probably defeat the purpose to put a classic here, though those came to mind first; for similar reasons, I’ve also ruled out books that were published before I was born. Which leaves us with Kira-Kira, which was on my radar for so many years before I finally got my hands on a copy.


The Reynolds Pamphlet: a book with a plot twist that you didn’t see coming

Hmmm. At this point I’m familiar with so many tropes that I’m almost expecting them every time my book has a new development, and consequently it’s been a while since I was genuinely surprised by a plot twist. The most recent one was probably The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Tagging: Sam โ€ข Jess โ€ข Jayati โ€ข Crimson โ€ข Caitlin โ€ข and, as always, anyone else who wants to participate! You don’t have to be familiar with Hamilton to answer, though I would 100% recommend searching the songs up on Spotify or YouTube at some point.


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    1. sassy characters in general are FANTASTIC – I’m partial to villains and antiheroes, but HP and Percy Jackson certainly prove that protagonists can pull it off too! I adore sharp quips and dramatic monologues, sometimes (a lot of the time) they’re so much more fun than bland heroes

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