[Bookending Summer] Characters Who Personify Summer

With the sun beating down every time I dare step outside, it’s been pretty much impossible to forget that we’re in the middle of summer. But on the bright side, Bookending Summer has officially started, and today I’m sharing my first post for the event!

Charvi’s original prompt specifies “sweet and cheerful” characters; while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that view on summer, I decided to diversify my list a little more … because my feelings on summer are a little more complicated.

This post is part of Bookending Summer 2019, which is organized by Sam & Clo! Today’s prompt, “Summer Personified,” is hosted by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction.

Tea (The Bone Witch)

Honestly, my strongest impression of summer is scorching heat. So my first character personifies burning wrath: Tea, with her power over life and death, and her pursuit of vengeance. (Also, I have yet to read The Shadowglass so no spoilers!)


Michael Phan (The Kiss Quotient)

When it’s warm out, it’s easy to get heatstroke, or at least become lightheaded / dizzy — and I imagine Michael’s presence would, similarly, induce swooning. (Alternatively, I considered an analogy involving dehydration and thirst traps, but I think you get the idea.) He’s supportive and sweet, he cooks, and of course he’s gorgeous to look at. What more could you ask for?


Alexander Hamilton (HamiltonHamilton: the Revolution)

These past few months I’ve bemoaned the fact that it’s just “too hot to even move.” Hamilton can definitely speak to the poor decisions that can come from physical discomfort, exhaustion … and the heat of summer.


Darius Kellner (Darius the Great Is Not Okay)

In my mind, summer is the season for adventures that might just take you (literally and figuratively) outside your comfort zone. In addition to his first trip to Iran, Darius navigates changing interpersonal relationships and self-identity, while refusing to apologize for his grand love of tea and Star Trek. His vulnerability is one of the most compelling, heartwarming aspects of the novel, and his personal growth is so inspiring.


Will Solace (Percy Jackson ‘verse)

Finally, I couldn’t end this list without including a character who just all-around personifies summer. From his warm personality to his golden good looks (have you seen Viria’s [now official] art of him?? If not, check out the link above ASAP), this demigod son of Apollo is just a ray of sunshine.

What traits do you think would characterize summer? And what characters exemplify those traits? If someone said you exemplified a season, which one do you think you’d be?

9 thoughts on “[Bookending Summer] Characters Who Personify Summer

  1. I only know Darius and Will in this list but yassssss! They have every freaking right to be on this list, especially Will, literally the son of the sun god! Great post, so happy to see you participating with my prompt 😀

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  2. Micheal Pham would definitely be something to look at.
    And yeah, I can think of no one better than Will to personify the summer – he is the son of the Sun God after all!

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  3. (All of these books are on my TBR… I think I’m drowning!!! halp me!!)
    Great list, as per usual! Characters that i think are summery are:
    * Arthur from What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli
    * Lemon Fresh from LIFEL1K3
    * Anna from Anna and the French Kiss

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      1. Anna is good, it’s got issues, but it somehow comes through at the end and I still loved it to pieces DESPITE the bad. It was kind of magical. I didn’t really like Lola (but Perkins’ still made me enjoy it) and the I loved Isla too. Such a good little trilogy.

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