State of the ARC: May & June 2019

This meme was created by Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books

The ARCs that I have left at this point are pretty evenly distributed throughout the year, with just a handful due each month, and I’m feeling a lot less stressed about my ability to get them all read and reviewed by release date. Which is nice … as long as I don’t convince myself that it means I can request a bunch more.

(Since I didn’t do a State of the ARC post last month while I was focusing on Asian Lit Bingo, in this installment I’ve listed the titles for both May and June.) 

ICYMI, I finished up the ARC bingo board back in April which is why it’s not included in this post! But Evelina set it up so there will be another one for the second half of the year, so I’ll look forward to that.

The graph above is where I am as of today, using my June data; I’ve switched from a pie chart since I realized it’s not as clear or accurate to evaluate the numbers as percentages of a whole, in part because some ARCs were double- or even triple-counted. In total, I’ve finished (read or DNF’d) 10 ARCs and am currently reading 2 more. 

Obviously, the vast majority of my ARCs are still coming from Netgalley, though they’re not all from me requesting: in some cases I got a pre-approved Netgalley widget directly from the publisher. I’ve also gotten through my Goodreads giveaway titles and have been entering far fewer of those (basically none, actually) so I don’t have any of those left; Edelweiss continues to bully me balance out my high Netgalley approval ratio. 

What the chart doesn’t really show is that the height of my (metaphorical / mostly-digital) ARC pile is holding pretty steady from previous months: the number I gain each month is roughly equal to the number I finish off. But I’ve been getting them all read on time and I feel like I’m treading water instead of drowning, so it’s all good!


New review copies in May (8):

New review copies in June (9):


Read In May (5):

Read In June (7):

* I am counting all 5 webcomics as a single arc since i got them together and they’re relatively short. also, only one is on Goodreads (because it was published as a book) so you’ll just have to wait for my review post to come out, sorry.


DNF’d in May (1):

DNF’d in June (3):


Currently Reading (2):

How’s your state of the ARC looking? Have you read any good ones that I should look out for (after I catch up more on the ones I already have) or that I should get to soon if I already have them?


12 thoughts on “State of the ARC: May & June 2019

  1. Look at you still slayin’ with your ARCs, I really can’t wait to hear what you think of Jade War because I’ve preordered it, so man, I hope it’s amazing as a second book lol. I knocked out all my June ARCs but I’m still swimming in May’s list of them, I was a complete idiot in May. And it looks like July I’ve only got a couple and the rest are all blog tours so…could be worse!

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  2. You’re not falling behind, so that is a success! If the input/output is roughly the same, I consider that good work. I am a lot like you, in that I am pre-approved by some publishers and have that option available – something very dangerous sometimes. Good luck with your ARCs next month, keep up the good work!

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      1. I think it was just too much for me. My grandmother had alzheimer’s and I don’t remember reading anything about assisted suicide in the synopsis… but maybe I missed something??

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      2. being blindsided (or even just surprised) by something like that could definitely easily be overwhelming and just generally not great for your mental health hugs I don’t remember reading it in the synopsis either πŸ˜•

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