Dark Dominions Fantasy Anthology (PROMO) | Discontinued

UPDATE as of March 8, 2019: 

I have been informed that WriterWriter is unfortunately unable to proceed with Dark Dominions at this time, and the Kickstarter has been canceled.

Assassins. Knights. Crooks. And Villainous Heroes.

Fantasy storytelling at its best. Rich with 20 new and original tales by emerging and award-winning fantasy authors alike including MORGAN WRIGHT, DAVID COLLINS, NICOLE SCARANO, JAMES STEVENS, LUCY SPOONER, LIONEL RAY GREEN, JESSICA MARIE BAUMGARTNER, and JOSHUA ROBERTSON, these stories bring us tales of fear, courage, love and sacrifice in worlds of death and tyranny.

Pave the way for indomitable male and female characters. Principled assassins, gifted orphans of fire-wielding warrior bloodlines, high priestesses in possession of magical ink, and sisters born of blood, war and cruelty.

Lies. Hidden secrets. Truths to be unravelled.

Join us in worlds where a forest is marked by death, both for those who enter and those who survive it. Where a warrior as old as time is resurrected to not only fight the darkest of foes but also to come to terms with who she has now become. Where a prime assassin who has never missed a mark begins a dance with his most elusive target yet, a mysterious and alluring witch. Where an elf knight is able to influence real-life events through magical tapestries. And where a young princess encounters danger and deception amid a border war where defeat means the end of her freedom and the ruin of her kingdom.

Welcome to Dark Dominions.

When I heard about this project from Lauren @ Northern Plunder, I immediately knew this was something I wanted to support. Gender equality is an issue near and dear to my heart, one that needs addressing in general, but — more relevantly to today’s post — in fantasy and science fiction. (Maybe you’ve noticed/seen the callout regarding the tendency to classify female authors’ SFF books as YA even if they’re not? Just one example of how far we have left to go.) This anthology actively aims to level the playing field, and it looks amazing.

This post is not sponsored, though I will be receiving a review copy of the anthology later this year; the information that follows is taken directly from promotional materials sent to me by Morgan & David at WriterWriter.

Why Gender Equality?

In publishing, the idea remains that women can’t write as well as men, especially not male-dominated fields such as fantasy or science-fiction.

The Founders of WriterWriter want to prove them wrong.

How they’re going to do that:

  • 50% of the authors are male and 50% of the authors are female.
  • Both genders are treated and paid equally (no preferential treatment).
  • The anthology features both strong male and strong female characters (no damsels-in-distress to be found here).
  • And last but not least, this anthology proves that women can write fantasy equally well as men, doing away with the gender bias against female writers in a male-dominated field.
just look at this incredible cover art by Mike Cook.

What is Dark Dominions?

Dark Dominions is one of the first Fantasy short story anthologies in support of gender equality. Ten male and ten female authors present new and original tales of fiction featuring strong male and female characters. You’ll find no “damsels-in-distress” within its pages. Rather, Dark Dominions takes its readers on journeys of magic, self- discovery, war, love and betrayal in worlds concocted by the imagination of incredibly talented writers including Mike Jansen, Morgan Wright, Michael Mitchell Jr., Nicole Scarano, Joshua Robertson, Kristin Clarke and David Collins.

This anthology will be WriterWriter’s first official step into publishing with an epic collection of fantasy short stories from emerging and award winning writers alike.

Unfortunately, the Dark Dominions Kickstarter has been canceled.

The Dark Dominions Kickstarter is now live!
It will run from March 1st to April 2nd.

By backing their Kickstarter campaign you will not only be supporting one of the first anthologies in support of gender equality but you will be rewarded for your pledge by any number of special rewards available including: early release copies, limited edition copies, Kickstarter exclusive bookmarks, limited edition bookmarks, book acknowledgements, and a backer’s-only forum where backers will be directly involved with the creative process, converse with the creators and contributors and be the only ones to get “a-behind-the scenes” in the making of Dark Dominions.

Make sure to check out the Kickstarter itself for all the details, including the project timeline, names of the contributing authors and illustrators, previews of the included stories and illustrations, and more!

You can follow @byWriterWriter and #DarkDominions for updates.

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