State of the ARC: Feb 2019

This meme was created by Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books!Β 

I’m not sure how it’s the end of the month already, but here we are again! (And spoiler alert: my State of the ARC is also almost exactly the same as it was last month.)

One of the biggest downsides of doing so many reading challenges β€” which I really should’ve anticipated, knowing myself and my reading habits and tendency to overachieve β€” is that I feel like I should be making progress on all of the challenges, all the time. So while in theory February was supposed to be about making headway with my ARCs, having gotten a good headstart on everything else in January, I found myself seeking out titles that were written by Asian authors or that fulfilled my PopSugar Reading Challenge; and since I was theoretically on an ARC-acquiring ban, these had to be backlist books.Β 

Also #ReviewPit happened and I ended up accepting six more books for review πŸ‘€ But hey, I am absolutely here to support indie and self-published authors, so I’m honestly not even sorry. (I am definitely going on a ban next month, though! If you see me picking up more ARCs, this is me giving you permission to call me out, though preferably privately.)

I did manage to refocus towards the middle/end of the month which are basically the same thing since February is so short, and I managed to get through a decent number of review copies (though not nearly as many as I had hoped, and I’m telling myself it’s because I was hit with three exams within a few days of each other).

As you can see, I did okay with ARCs this month; I currently have a grand total of 29 (one less than last month! Which is pretty good, considering that I added so many new ones πŸ˜…


New review copies (14):

Read This Month (7):

DNF’d This Month (5):

Currently Reading (2):

My ARC bingo is also progressing nicely! I’ve managed to fill in 2 more boxes, and accomplished two bingos (a diagonal and a horizontal) πŸŽ‰ Based on the synopses of my #ReviewPit books and my current reading pace β€” as well as the fact that I have over a week off school for spring break next month! β€” I think I may even be able to finish it off in March.

How’s your state of the ARC looking? Have you read any good ones that I should look out for (after I catch up more on the ones I already have) or that I should get to soon if I already have them? Let me know!


26 thoughts on “State of the ARC: Feb 2019

    1. thanks Haley! I’m still kind of drowning, lol, but it’s definitely not as bad as it could be πŸ˜…

      Manic Pixie Dream Boy Project is so much fun! the epitome of “tooth-rotting fluff”, but also it’s very meta and there’s lots of snarky John Green references. it’s a time, friend, as Sam would say πŸ˜‰

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  1. I refuse to comment on my state of the arc because I am pretty sure it would make everyone throw up. Yes I was on hiatus because my mom was sick and so I’m scrambling to catch-up but still. I read what everyone else thinks is soooooo awful and I’m like sweetie hold my beer… or how would you like to ghost write a few of mine? Lol

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      1. Thanks Isabelle. Appreciate the support. And I am sorry if my response was offensive or off topic in anyway. I certainly did not mean for it to be. I will try to watch what I say more carefully. I just wanted you to not be so hard on yourself and know there are others digging out of much bigger holes than you. But if it came across with maliciously and you want to remove it I will understand completely. I never want to post anything that isn’t supportive or doesn’t further/contribute to the conversation.


    1. Uh that’s nice and all but I honestly don’t know what that has to do with Isabelle’s post? Great you read books that not everyone gravitates too and write about them. howdy-do look at you. I still don’t see how your comment has anything to do with the progress Isabelle has made in the month of February. I see the attention you are trying to throw out and I’m not amused.

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      1. I apologize if the comment came across crass of off the topic. I was just saying she is doing really well and that when I see state of the arc posts I just like to let people know that there are others out there like me who are in a much deeper hole and they are doing much better than they think. I try to interject some humor into it for the sake of my own sanity but I didn’t mean for it to be taken how you took it. If the author of the blog feels offended and wants to delete it I will not be offended as I did not at all mean it to be offensive in anyway at all. That is not in my nature or my intent. I always mean to be supportive to the community and everyone.


    1. Thanks! I have been lucky to have been granted some great ARCs, I will say that. Probably why I feel such an obligation to get to them all… plus I never took advantage of the system. I don’t plan on starting or even being perceived as doing so.

      I take screen shots of my list on Edelweiss and Netgalley and just keep going back to it. I used to use a white board but right now I’m just trying to catch up. I’ll probably go back to the white board when I’m more caught up.

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    2. ah thanks Lauren! πŸ’• I’m using Kal’s spreadsheet (specifically the ARC tab) with a few slight modifications for the weirder things I want to track – but it’s probably more effective than anything I’d set up on my own πŸ˜…

      wishing you lots of enjoyable reads next month too! πŸ“š

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  2. aaaah look at chu slaying your reading game. This is a reminder saying you shouldn’t be making progress on all challenges at the same time, you’re a bookwyrm not a machine Izzy πŸ˜‰ but I hope you get a few more read next month ❀

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  3. “I feel like I should be making progress on all of the challenges, all the time.” Excuse me, Isabelle, this is a mood and maybe you’ve found out why I don’t like doing so many reading challenges.

    Also to be fair, if you get more ARCs next month and you say it on Discord, then I’ll call you out… on Discord. 😜

    But look at you go, Isabelle! Trekking across the ARC reading very nicely. Is it safe to say maybe you won’t even need a ban at the good pace you’re going? πŸ˜‰

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    1. aw thanks Soph πŸ’• yup, I’m definitely gonna have to tone it down on the challenges next year, if I end up doing any again πŸ˜…

      at the pace I’m going I think I’m going to be stuck around 30 ARCs forever, so it does look like the ban is necessary, at least for next month πŸ˜‚


  4. side eyes your doppleganger replying to your comments


    You did such a good job last month, even though the month was shorter! Imagine if reviewpit didn’t happen, ahahaha. I am bummed you gave low ratings to Wicked Saints and Confessions of Socrates, I have both of those on my TBR.

    Good luck reading this month, love!

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  5. I love the State of the Arc. I have only just recently got into the Net Galley world and have not trusted myself to step foot into Edelweiss yet. I know I’ll request too many books and fall behind. I love that you’ve set up this theme as a way to keep up with all your ARCs. It also makes me jealous of how many ARCs you’re able to read each month. Keep it up πŸ™‚

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    1. I’ve actually been on Edelweiss much longer than Netgalley, and honestly I think Netgalley is the bigger threat to my TBR – my approval rating is higher and the site is almost too easy to navigate and find books I want to read πŸ˜… but thank you!


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