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Like with sleeping, everyone has a different reading style. (And in my case, both tend to leave me with a sore neck from holding my head at a weird angle.) Today we’re actually here to talk about the good parts of my bookish life, though, so without (much) further ado let’s get into it!

As a disclaimer, I’m not trying to claim that any of the below are universally good habits, or that doing/not doing them makes you a better or worse reader. These are just things I do that work well for me.

I’m swiping this tag from Kristina @ Books and Dachshunds; it was created by Ally Writes Things.


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Reading while in transit/waiting.

I started bringing my Kindle around everywhere when I was in middle school, so I’m pretty consistent about reaching for my Kindle instead of my phone while I’m on the bus or hanging out in a lecture hall before class starts. (Except, of course, for cases where I just have a spare minute or two β€” then I’ll scroll Twitter or refresh my YouTube subscription box.)


DNF-ing or switching books if I’m not feeling the current read.

To be quite honest, I’m really still working on the former, particularly when it comes to ARCs and popular/hyped books. But I do pretty well with the latter, which is nice because I’ve never hit a point where any one book makes me not want to read at all; for me, it’s a pretty effective way of warding off slumps and of maximizing the time I spend actually reading β€” with my TBR growing so dramatically, I just don’t have time to struggle through books I’m not enjoying.


Reading a variety of genres and topics.

I started keeping track to counter my mom’s teasing that I only read fiction (mostly YA fantasy), but I do really like switching it up regularly. This isn’t to say that you have to read broadly β€” more power to you if you know exactly what you like and stick to it! β€” but for me personally, it helps me keep my mind and interests wide open.


Trying a variety of formats.

Again, I know this one really isn’t for everybody, whether due to physical limitations or just personal preference. But I appreciate a good story regardless of whether it’s in the form of a print book, an ebook, an audiobook, etc. Or at least in theory because audiobooks aren’t ideal for me personally, but they are objectively great.


Notes, highlights, and prompt reviews.

I’ve been making highlights ever since I figured out I could, though I didn’t start taking real notes until after I started blogging. Since around 2014, I write up my reviews as soon as possible after finishing the book: usually right on the spot, almost always the same day or the next day at a stretch. This helps me record my first “final impression” of the book, so to speak, and keeps me from indecisively changing the rating in retrospect.

Tagging: Jayati @ It’s Just a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile β€’ Michelle Likes Things β€’ Meeghan reads and bakes β€’ Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader β€’ Lottie is Writing β€’ and, as always, anyone else who’s interested! (Sorry if you’ve already done this and/or been tagged, I’m terrible at keeping track πŸ˜…)

What are your best reading habits? What reading habits would you like to develop? Are there any that you think are overrated?


37 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits Tag

  1. All really good ones indeed!
    I started to bring my book with me at work now, just because we have a 30mins break so I finally figured I could read atleast a few pages there ahah which also helps with my goal of reading while daytime more often! I usually also bring it if I have an appointment, specially my family doctor- as he just takes FOREVER, with like 30mins late everytime, and yes we are always early..-
    but some books, specially fantasy written in english, takes way too much of my brain capacity so eeeh with all the background noise and all that… it’s not really the best for my concentration.

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  2. Is the weird angle from giving that thinking look of what the fuck?

    I wish I could read while in transit – motion sickness is a time and a half and it’s not fun because that would have been nice to do during my ride to school junior year. I’m also working on the DNFing as well! Switching books is definitely nice and I agree – it maximizes the time spent reading.

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    1. “that thinking look of what the fuck” could definitely be the reason, but I think sometimes it’s just that I hold my Kindle at weird heights when my arms get tired πŸ˜…

      and yup, I had the worst motion sickness growing up – not sure why it went away and it still comes back sometimes πŸ˜•


  3. Reading on the go is something I’m still trying to get back into! It used to take me an hour to get to school and college in the mornings, but now I’m a fifteen minute walk from my university and everywhere I need to go is so much closer to me. It has definitely changed how I’ve been managing my time for reading. Great post!

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  4. Thanks for tagging me! I can’t wait to do this tag.
    Now, moving on, I am horrible at reading during transit. My eyes hurt if I try to concentrate on a moving vehicle but recently I discovered the wonder that is audiobooks and I have been using it during all my bus/car rides!
    Also, DNF-ing is a very hard thing to do for me. I just think that the book will be redeemed in the next chapter or the one after that and I end up at the end of the book who knows after how much time? But, I read multiple books at a time too! So it is also not as if I am stuck in the middle of just that one book.
    Great post! I love this tag because it is so positive.

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    1. audiobooks are terrific for getting through books on the go! I think it’s easier to DNF some books than others – in some cases it’s not bad just a little dull, and in others it’s plain offensive or the writing is bad 😜 but it definitely helps to have another book to escape into in the meantime!

      and yes, I think positivity is really something everyone could use more of πŸ’• looking forward to seeing yours!

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      1. Ah, I agree!
        Oh, yeah, that’s true. I can’t read books that are offensive/racist/homophobic. I mean I get a snarky comment from someone but if the author portrays it like that overall, I’d have to leave the book.

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  5. I’m trying to definitely branch out more on genres, to not be so stiff but I’ve also quickly realized there are just some things I’ll probably never be into reading BUT at least I can say I tried!

    Also, DNF-ing is something I’m always working on, lol I need to learn to let go sometimes, just because it’s a free reader copy doesn’t mean I need to finish it, I can just say ‘sorry I wasn’t able to finish’ and go about my life!

    Awesome reading habits, can’t wait to do this tag!

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    1. “at least I can say I tried” exactly this! one of my pet peeves is when people say “well have you tried it?” in response to you saying you don’t like something … but sometimes you really are pleasantly surprised πŸ‘€

      and YES I’m the worst about DNF-ing review copies! though I feel a little better when I remember that I’m writing a DNF review that provides comparable value (minus the promoting the book of course) and the time saved means I can get to more books πŸ˜‰

      I saw that your post is up already, so I’m about to hop to it and snoop a little!

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      1. Lol I get even more salty when they turn out to be right and I like the something I thought I wouldn’t πŸ˜‚ but you know I never thought of dnfs as being a way to help readers too, I should remember that, that if I’m struggling that much and don’t like it I could save someone else the torture by saying I dnf’ed it!

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  6. I have almost every good habit u have πŸ˜‚ .. (good habit twins) . I’m a mood reader so i tend to read ARC so soon or not at all . that’s the only thing with pros and cons i have which is not in ur list❀

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  7. I am legit so jealous that you can read while on transit that I may be full-on green. I get so motion sick that it’s impossible for me… but I also recently remembered that audiobooks exist and that’s helped occupy my mind when I fly places now.

    Good habits you have here, love!

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  8. I definitely like the idea of getting into the habit of reaching for your kindle instead of your phone to get into reading more, and I definitely need to do that! I also find it very hard to DNF a book, especially an ARC but I think it is necessary because sometimes, trying to force yourself to read a book will just get you into a rut. Great post!

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    1. “sometimes, trying to force yourself to read a book will just get you into a rut” absolutely agree with this. it’s why it’s so important for me to start another book if I’m having trouble with one, so that I don’t build up a habit of avoiding reading!

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  9. I’ve loved reading these posts! I also have my kindle usually with me and it is great because it helps me to read more if when I am waiting or on transport to be able to pull out a book. I also really like taking notes when I am reading otherwise it would be hard for me to read things when it comes to writing the review later. I love reading diversely and widely and I really like that you do that! I wish I was good at DNFing like you ^.^

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    1. oh I’m definitely not good at DNFing by any means, especially when it comes to review copies πŸ˜… but it does help that I have the next few books picked out to read, and that excitement paired with my apathy/antipathy towards the current read is usually a pretty good nudge! and yup, taking notes is so helpful when you’ve finished and have to write up the review.

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    1. highlighting is also great though!!! I think I get almost as much out of scrolling back through quotes (because I highlight everything lol, whether I loved or hated it or thought it was just weird) as I do from my notes πŸ˜‰ but I can definitely relate to that feeling of interrupting the reading flow, which is why sometimes my notes are really sporadic and high-emotion – the book is so immersive that I only pause to make a note when I really need to vent πŸ˜…

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