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To be quite honest I don’t think I’ve watched anything since maybe last Thanksgiving break? Stressing out over not actually studying for my classes β€” organic chemistry, I’m looking at you β€” didn’t leave much time for leisure, and I mostly ended up diving into books instead of shows. Which doesn’t make sense, in hindsight, because what I really needed was to space out, but oh well.

I was tagged by the wonderful Sam @ Fictionally Sam, who adapted this tag from YouTube, and who is an amazing blogger you should follow! ❀

1. Favorite shows?

  • Elementary (mostly for Lucy Liu, but also she and Jonny Lee Miller have great banter and I live for it)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (every member of this cast and the character they play is a gift that we do not deserve)
  • The 100 (specifically seasons 1, 2, and 3b. as far as I’m concerned, 3a does not exist, and I may be done now because s5 ended at a decent stopping point and honestly I’m a little scared of what they’ll come up with next)
  • Yumeiro Patissiere (I’m decent but not really talented at baking, and we can pretend that’s because I don’t have an adorable Sweets Spirit or three cute talented guys helping me out)
  • Bones (this is probably the longest show that I’ve actually finished β€” and yet I could not for the life of me tell you what I love about this show, I just love it)
  • Drunk History (I haven’t seen all the episodes, but the concept and execution are both πŸ’―)

2. Favorite genre?

Apparently I like crime dramas and comedy, based on my watch list. And slice-of-life and action anime. Which is not what I would’ve pegged myself as a fan of because I would’ve liked to say that I like documentaries or something intellectual like that, but the statistics speak for themselves. 

3. Least favorite show?

Hm. I’m very much a believer in “don’t like, don’t watch” and “let people enjoy things” so this is kind of a tough one. But I do think Supernatural is kind of overrated? please don’t come at me And I refuse to watch Fear the Walking Dead because of interfandom drama (if you know, you know. If not, don’t worry about it).

4. Most rewatched show/favorite show to binge watch?

In theory this would be Brooklyn Nine-Nine because it’s mostly light and breezy, but in practice I think it’s actually Maid-Sama! β€” I have an actual list of favorite episodes, it never fails to crack me up, and Usui Takumi has definitely ruined me for real-life guys. (I mean, just look at those eyes. He also does a pretty good smolder.)

5. Do you prefer watching week-by-week or binge-watching?

I start feeling guilty and unproductive when I binge-watch for too long β€” as an aside, I did a quick Google search to see whether the technical definition was still “watching three episodes in a row” and am pleased to see that it has been updated to the more ambiguous “watching many episodes in a row” β€” so for regular consumption, week-by-week watching is better for me in terms of time management and avoiding spoilers. But in a perfect world, I’d totally prefer to binge.

6. Favorite TV characters?

s1 post-hair-gel Bellamy is hottest Bellamy. don’t @ me
  • Bellamy Blake, The 100
  • Raven Reyes, The 100
  • Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Joan Watson, Elementary
  • Angela Montenegro, Bones
  • Ayuzawa Misaki, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
  • Usui Takumi, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!

7. Favorite TV ships?

[insert your favorite Charles Boyle quote. I’m partial to “Let the Nicholas Sparks fly!”]
  • Bellarke (they get to be #1, OTP of OTPs because this was the fandom I was most recently active in 😜)
  • Peraltiago (proof that fictional couples don’t have to be super-slow-burn or super angsty to take over my life!)
  • Booth x Bones (responsible adults in a functional relationship? sign me tf up)
  • probably any anime pairing involving a too-cool-for-school and/or tall dark mysterious jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold and a girl I can (more or less) relate to? If you don’t have self-insert OTPs, you’re definitely lying.

8. Show you could never get into?

Eyewitness, Wynonna Earp, Designated Survivor.

9. Show you fell out of love with?

NCIS (ever since Michael Weatherly switched to playing Dr. Bull, the team hasn’t been the same at all), Sword Art Online (I haven’t even seen Gun Gale), Quantico (so glad they quit while they were mostly ahead).

10. Cancelled too soon?

Agent Carter for sure. I haven’t watched Sense8, but by all accounts I’ve heard it deserved a longer run? Also Conviction β€” but because it had Hayley Atwell, not because it was that good.

11. Guilty pleasure show?

I actually don’t have one? Maybe certain anime, but for the most part I just watch what I watch and I don’t really feel guilty about it.

12. What are you currently watching?

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I watched Bones first, and let me tell you, it is really surreal having David Boreanaz shift in my mind from a dad-figure to a super-hot forbidden-love interest)
  • Drunk History (if you count watching an episode every few months to be “currently watching” πŸ˜…)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (love the books and the first two seasons; gotta catch up on the third!)
  • Superstore (I’m not super attached; this is my go-to “mindless binge” of the moment)
  • Single Parents (it’s kinda funny and kinda heartwarming? I’m still on the fence but giving it a chance)

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48 thoughts on “Television Tag

  1. I absolutely loved Supernatural and then something happened and I was just like ‘….I can’t right now’ that was about three seasons ago so I have some catching up to do but I can totally see how it’s overrated, I’ve only just started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine but I’m really enjoying it. Also I did the same as you, I watched Bones first (omgI love that show) and then watched Buffy and I was like ‘wtf is this life’ two lovely types of hot David lol. And I had to stop watching NCIS after Weatherly left too, but, I do like his new show, have you seen it? X’D Omg sorry this is such a long comment.

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    1. I’ve seen the first two seasons of Bull and they’re fun! been meaning to catch up on the third – I love the cast (also they have CHRISTOPHER JACKSON who played Washington in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton asldkfj;asdk) and I’ve always been pretty into crime/law dramas!

      also noooo don’t ever apologize for long comments I love them lol πŸ˜‰

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  2. AH, I love Brooklyn 99 so much!! Like, I’m crazy about it… I stayed up the entire night binge-watching it when I first started it! Roza and Amy kick-ass and I just want more! I want to watch the new season like right now, but waiting for it to come on Netflix, so…
    And haha, agree about the ‘bingeing in a perfect world’- I, personally, like to watch an episode a day to keep a balance and then reward myself with one extra on Saturdays if I behave during the week.
    Also, agreed with the Quantico comment. The 1st season was great, the 2nd was bearable and the 3rd was pretty good but I didn’t see it going anywhere after that
    GReat post! xx

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      1. OH, that is sad to hear…
        I haven’t started watching it yet but I was so excited! Hopefully the new writers will get better ideas soon? I mean, I;ll kill them if they ruin the Halloween Heist

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      2. oh gosh I hadn’t even though that far πŸ‘€ I still think they’re funny, it’s just a slightly different kind of humor and the characters feel a little off from previous seasons. still enjoyable, though, and better than having been cancelled :’)

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  3. Thanks for the tag, Isabelle! I love watching shows so much, this is going to be fun! 😜
    I actually LOVE Supernatural and Designated Survivor (I was so sad when it was cancelled but I heard that Netflix picked it up for the 3rd season and I’m really happy!) and I just binge-watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine last month. ☺️ I did watch 1-2 seasons of Elementary and A Series of Unfortunate Events and then lost interest. πŸ™ˆ

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  4. Have you ever watched The Good Place? It’s by the creators of Brooklyn 99 and in the same vein except about the afterlife instead of crime.

    I’m with you on Supernatural being overrated 100%. I was into it for two-ish seasons and then just fell off in a big bad way.

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  5. Bones is one of my favorite shows too!! Booth and Brennan make me happy ❀️ Also, I used to be a pretty big fan of Supernatural a few years ago but it has definitely become one of those things that should be allowed to die already πŸ˜‚

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  6. Always here for that The 100 and Bellarke love!
    I love Supernatural just because it was the first TV show I followed and it was the best mix of horror, cute guys and action. And it should have ended on s5. I’m still watching it though, but I still have to start season 14 (IT’S CRAZY, 300 EPISODES OF THIS)

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  7. I binge everything now to the point where Josie and I are watching I Am the Night week by week and it feels WEIRD! We’re binging The Vampire Diaries right now btw! Also, Booth and Bones… ugh love them and YO’LL HAVE TO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF BUFFY BECAUSE IT’S ONE OF MY TOP 10 FAVORITE SHOWS OF ALL TIME!

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    1. oooooh I’ve heard lots about The Vampire Diaries … I’m not really into paranormal so it’s probably not my cup of tea, but I hope you’re enjoying it! and I’ve really enjoyed Buffy so far, but it’s been quite a while since I watched it (or any show really) πŸ˜…


  8. WE love Brooklyn Ninie-Nine in this house as well. I was so glad when another network picked it up. And Drunk History is another favorite for my husband and I. I am with you on Supernatural because I think it has run its course. My husband is still a “sort of” fan, but after, what, 15 years? Time to take that show off the air.

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  9. Okay so I’m a huge fan of Supernatural, it’s pretty much the first real series I started watching, but even though I love it, I wholeheartedly agree with you. In my opinion, they are dragging it along while it should have ended at season 5, with Swan Song. I stlil watch it though, because I still want to know how it ends, but they keep finding new subjects to elaborate on, and here I am, I will always miss the good old days, where Dean was still happy and all they did was hunt ghosts.

    Hell to the yes to Brooklyn nine nine! Spoiler for those who haven’t seen it: I LOVE BI ROSA. Honestly, it’s such a big deal that they’ve started this. I’ve started it from the beginning again because I just love seeing their young faces and also because I want to know if there is any foreshadowing :’) I haven’t seen Maid-Sama though, I’m not really into the whole Anime scene, though if you say yup this is what you need to watch (and there are subtitles), I’ll gladly add it to my to watch list.

    I also really love your list of fave characters! ❀ Everyone but the last two because I just don’t know who they are. But yas Bellamy and Raven, because they put up with Clarkes shit. And Amy and Raven ❀ and Joan ❀ And Angela! she was my instant favourite, I loved her job :’)

    Alright ships! Bellarke. I’m also a Clexa fan. I just really like Lexa ok! But she gone and now I’m back to Bellarke :’) Peraltiago, I had no idea that was the shipname, but also yes. B99 is one of my most favourite shows and I was so so so happy that they were taken over by a different network!! my heart is happy whenever I see them ❀ (but seeing them fight in s1 is also very nice).
    BOOTH AND BONES HECK YES. They didn’t broadcast everything in the Netherlands so I had to download/stream everything but I was so sad the series ended.


    I’m still pissed about Agent Carter, but I’m glad they gave Peggy a decent goodbye. I miss Hayley. Also I didn’t remember wat conviction was, but I just looked up Hayley bc I wanted to look at her face and ofcourse she’s in that :’)

    aaaaah ASOUE is so much fun! I absolutely love NPH and again, sad that it ended, but glad I know the ending because I never got my hands on the books :’)

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    1. I love all the shippy Wynonna Earp gifs and quotes on Tumblr, if that counts for anything πŸ˜… but it’s just a little too graphic for me to watch.

      I wouldn’t say Maid-sama is a must watch, it’s more just a fluffy slice-of-life high school romcom, but it’s a feel-good show for me partly because it’s fun and partly because nostalgia πŸ˜‰ and yes to all the ship love, gotta live vicariously through their relationships lol.

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  10. I still need to finish the last season of Bones but I’m just not as interested with it as I was in earlier seasons. I have mixed feelings about Supernatural. I still loved it but also how long are they going to continue it– until actors are like 80?

    I know a lot of people love Raven but she just annoys me? πŸ˜€ What season are you in Buffy?

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  11. I never took o-chem but honestly it looks horrible, so I can understand why it is that you struggle with finding time to watch tv. But yay for finding time to read!

    I love the 100, well the first 2 seasons of it. I think I watched a few episodes of season 3 and lost interest in tv at that point, I don’t remember. I am due for a rewatch at some point, but I might want to read the book series instead.

    I also fell out of love with NCIS, although I stopped watching after Ziva’s departure. My parents still watch it and when I was down there for the holidays they were played a dvr’d episode and I was like WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE!?!?! Some things need to end. This show is one of them.

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    1. LOL I actually wouldn’t recommend The 100 books; they’re not super well-written and they have almost nothing in common with the show. the consensus is generally that the only advantage they have over the shows is that Bellarke is canon and pretty cute 😜 (most of the show characters don’t appear in the books, and those that do are very different in personality and even backstory.)

      and NCIS – ikr??? my parents introduced me to the show, but I don’t think they watch it anymore either. when you start losing so many key members of the ensemble cast who are the heart of a show, it’s never going to be the same.

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  12. Thanks for tagging me!
    I’m behind on The 100 (still on early S3) and I’m still on S5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (both which I’ve been on about for a few months – I had to binge watch Greys for a bit and right now I’m busy with Falling Skies.
    I have like this list of animes to watch and I keep looking at it and then going back to listening to a Grey’s podcast πŸ˜‚
    SENSE8 NEEDED TO HAVE MORE SEASONS! Also my best friend and I STILL haven’t finished the second season because we just refuse to accept it’s finished.
    I’ve also started Buffy (thank New Bloggers) but it’s very early days with it for me – but I like Giles, he’s hilarious.

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  13. I need to start season 6 of Supernatural….like I’m here for Dean, Sam and Cas haha. I usually watch it whilst doing blog things…although because I’ve gotten gloriously behind on everything blog related, we’re not watching anything right now :/

    dies laughing reading about you finding Angel yeah I watched Buffy when I was 6ish so I’m ruined for life basically cause no one is gonna be Angel or Spike πŸ˜‰ As for NCIS I actually could never get into that one, but I ADORE NICIS: LA with that team, I would shriek about it all day if I could. I adore the team and just gah

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  14. Oh man, I love Sword Art Online. I admittedly haven’t watched a lot of anime, but I do love that one most of all the animes I have seen yet. I have watched the first four seasons of Supernatural and while I enjoyed them they weren’t groundbreaking. it was just okay… so yeah, I agree with it being overrated a bit. I love me some comedy ^.^

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  15. YAY YOU DID THE TAG!!!!! Your answers are such big moods that I relate too!

    “ever since Michael Weatherly switched to playing Dr. Bull, the team hasn’t been the same at all”
    Literally the show stopped being THE show since the departure or both Ziva and Dinozo (i stay forgetting how to spell his name so YOLO).

    BROOKLYNN NINE NINE YAS QUEEN YAS! Rosa and Peraltiago are forever faves. NO ONE CAN DETER ME.

    I’ve been watching bones since the very first episode to the very last one (sniff) and I think it is probably my most favorite crime TV show to date. I love Booth and Bones and the team and how they use their different academic backgrounds to solve cases and help each other grow. (show me a better character development than of Temperance Brennan…it’s okay…I’ll wait.)

    I have yet to watch Elementary but it is on the TBW list!


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